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Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge

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Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2021-01-16 01:04:48

At 1/16/21 12:45 AM, GatorTots wrote: Submission Piece

Group- Virtual Bond

Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2021-01-17 06:40:51

Oh there's a submission thread? completely missed that...

Group: 8-bit Wandering

hey there

Here's my little loop of a submission, titled "Disposed Minds".

Group: LD-W - “Psuedonatural / Outer Planes”

It's complete, so I accept feedback even before the deadline, whichever is more convenient for the challenge designer.

I don't have a sicknature

At 1/18/21 09:20 AM, Everratic wrote: @Anonymous-Frog
Group - Virtual Bond

I’m in ‘Final Push’, not Virtual Bond.

EDIT: Thanks. You cannot kill the Clock Crew!

Go and subscribe and comment on my flies.

At 11/10/20 06:38 PM, Everratic wrote:
To make submissions easier to keep track of, I decided to make a dedicated thread for them. Please post your submissions, and only submissions, here. Head to the original thread to discuss the event, ask questions, and register.

Please use this format

Group: Destroyer Encounter


@LD-W - “Psuedonatural / Outer Planes”

All info in the description. This is the first ever Newgrounds challenge I've entered!


Game Audio Designer based in UK

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"People say my music tells a story, that it transports them into a new plain of reality. I'd like to tell that story and perhaps show you something wonderful" - Teckmo-X

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Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2021-01-23 17:58:56

  • Unpublished Submission

Had a lot of fun with this prompt. Would've loved to have fleshed it out into something longer but ran out of time. Maybe I'll revisit it sometime in the future.

Wait my bad. I didn't read the rules properly. Count me out.

CIEIR, short for "Could It Exist In Real-Life?"

(Pronounced Seer: A person who can see the Future.)

See the future through music. Feel the future through music.

Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2021-01-28 18:01:02

I think I have my entry finished at least... I think

For the 8-bit Wandering group

Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2021-01-31 16:51:01

Virtual Bond

Title: No Further Shore

Two lovers would do anything to be reunited. Their tales intertwine but do not touch, their hearts reflecting each other's needs and desires. The eternal distance of space holds them apart.

Finally after their quest comes to a close, their bond brings them together for a final climax as the lovers dance in the void of space.


Apologies, I've had tons of technical issues. The song isn't finished but the main points are there. It lacks mixing refinement and I want to greatly expand on the outro (maybe a soft melody or solo over the top, I don't know) and I want to pass through and add detail to every part of the song, but no more time. Sorry <3 Don't hurt me.

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