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Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge

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To make submissions easier to keep track of, I decided to make a dedicated thread for them. Please post your submissions, and only submissions, here. Head to the original thread to discuss the event, ask questions, and register.

Please use this format

  • Your group
  • Any information you want to share
  • (Song Link)

Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2020-11-10 18:43:56

I'm tagging people who have submitted in the original thread.




Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2020-11-11 00:32:49

At 11/10/20 06:43 PM, Everratic wrote: I'm tagging people who have submitted in the original thread.


Group: Challenge "Final Push" by Lunacy Echo

Info: in the link's description

Link: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/979282

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Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2020-11-16 22:44:53

Group - Shapes

Info - I'm someone who doesn't speak many words. So I don't have much to say.


Group: Pseudonatural/Outer Planes


Ok. The way I build songs, it feels really uncomfortable to share anything with a wider audience at this stage. However, I thought I might as well have a look and see what's on the other side of my comfort zone.

Over the week prior to uploading v0.1, I've been brewing on the question 'what does pseudonatural sound like?' I decided the main features would be:

  • Odd time signatures
  • Dissonance
  • Contrast

So far the contrast is still only in my head; I have a couple of cards still up my sleeve here. What you can hear is a rough sketch from Renoise containing the leitmotif of the track - a 7/4 kick and bass pattern that the song will keep resolving back into. The bass will be replaced with a bass guitar at a later stage. The alarm-like sound in the background I aim to replace with actual horns (sax, trumpet, clarinet - I'll have to see what I can get my hands on).

The idea is to offer some kind of stable factor throughout the music to give the player a false sense of security, something you can tell is off, but just enough to slightly unnerve. And then we send in the clowns...

Feedback would be appreciated, but bear in mind the sound file itself was made as a framework for myself instead of something for the listener's enjoyment. Feedback on the idea behind the track would be great, and I would love to hear the philosophies behind the other contestants' entries.

Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2020-11-18 15:09:06

*EverReverb - “Destroyer Encounter”

In this piece, I imagine the settings to be similar to the world of Cowboy Bebop with a mix of Final Fantasy with a little of Resident Evil. This track feels to me as you were betrayed by an important character from the game who used a powerful piece of biological breakthroughs to mutate into a beast instantly in order to defeat you.


Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2020-11-19 09:49:18

here's my two weeks, im in the group virtual bond

this will change key and time signature and be made into an 80s heavy rock ballad by next time

Psuedonatural / Outer Planes

Here's my 2-week WIP


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Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2020-12-02 21:31:12

Here's Hypervolt and I's submission for XRL Hangar

Group: The Forgotten Journey - Ectibot

Extra Info: This was a lot of fun to make despite the CPU overload.


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Group: 8 Bit Wandering.

Info: I honestly dunno what to say, thanks to this challenge i discovered what is i think my favorite vst, Tweakbench's Peach (Which is like, 70% of the track, most of the rest is PULS 1.1)


Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2020-12-24 15:32:51

lmms is the best daw on earth and no one can tell me otherwise

I would love to hear any feedback on my piece, Transforming Landscapes.

Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2021-01-02 11:26:21

Here is my submission :

Link : https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/992837?updated=1609604520

Group : 8-bit Wandering

Information :

Imagine yourself being an adventurer hunting for treasures from lost civilizations. Upon your travels in a local village, you stumble across an old man dressed in rags. He's sitting on the sandy ground, under the shade of an awning from a nearby street market. A glimmer emitted by a trinket hanging from your backpack catches his eye and immediately, he recognizes it. The man makes a subtle hand gesture in your direction, signaling you to come to him. As you approach, the old man grabs a stick leaning on a wall next to him with which he slowly props himself up. He gives you a quick glance, turns around, and starts walking towards a small back alley between two buildings.

A couple of steps down the alley he finds a bench on which he sits. As you get within talking distance, he points at your backpack and says ''The Twilight Jungle, is this why you're here?''. Never having heard of such a place, you decide to sit down with the man and share some words. He explains that the trinket you carry is more than just a bauble that might bring luck; it is an artifact made by a very old line of powerful jungle hunters. Stories passed down from generation to generation tell that these hunters used to protect the land from a threat invisible to the naked eye. Charms were crafted and infused with ancient magic so the hunters could see and fend off the unseen dangers encroaching on the land. Upon their many hunts, they managed to find the place of origin of this threat. It was an area covered with a dense jungle, so dense that during the day the sun barely managed to pierce through the thick leaves, leaving the surroundings in a constant twilight. This jungle was only accessible through the use of a very specific path that the magic charms allowed the hunters to see. The old man tells you that upon discovering this hidden place, the hunters started bringing more than just peace in the land; they brought back treasures of untold nature. Weapons and armors far sharper than any spears they could make and mysterious contraptions infused with otherworldly magic. He tells you that from there on, the stories diverges in many different smaller stories.

As the man finishes his sentence, he grabs one side of his dusty robe and slightly opens it, letting you peak at a very contrasting haft of what seems to be an odd looking knife. Upon closer inspection, you notice that there is a marking on it, very much like the one on the trinket you've been carrying on your backpack. The man tells you that lately the air around here has felt heavier than usual, and that the people of this land have been living hardships akin to those from old tales long forgotten. He is certain that the old threat is back, and that the inhabitants of the Twilight Jungle are once again roaming the land, unseen and dispensing trouble and misfortune. He then says that if you are willing to take up the quest of ridding the land off of these uninvited guests at their source, he would be willing to reveal the path into the Twilight Jungle...



I finished early for once! This thing came together really fast and I'm super happy with how it turned out.

Group: Northpeaks Sky

Info: My attempt at 3 distinct "movements" if you will, each tying back to a central theme and motif. First is very airy and distant, perhaps an opening intro showcasing a snowy landscape. The second brings you right into the action, something intense is happening and you're right in the middle of it. Lastly, the big climax, the final push, whatever you want to call it. A bit of a departure from how I usually write music but I'm pretty chuffed with how it all came together.

Yay, it's finished! :D

My group was LunacyEcho's "Final Push" challenge.

I hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out the links in the description of my submission! :)

Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2021-01-10 11:26:48

I'd like to participate if possible!

“Psuedonatural / Outer Planes”


 “XRL Hangar”

Let me know if there is still room!

Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2021-01-10 23:25:29

Here is mine for "Psuedonatural / Outer Planes”

LunacyEcho - Final Push

Okay, I think that's it for that project. Bloated like a balloon, caused a lot of frustration, but probably came together fine enough in the end. Maybe. I'm super tired of this project though.

Response to Submissions - Video Game Music Challenge 2021-01-11 19:16:06

Psuedonatural/Outer Planes

Here is my final submission