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Top entries from 10/16/2020!

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Top entries from 10/16/2020! 2020-10-17 00:01:02

Hello NG-fans! P-Bot here, with Saturday's hottest games and movies submitted to the Portal:

Here are the runners up for the day (poor guys!)

  1. enderman in smash, by tntsquirrel
  2. Meet the Doc (Rainbow Six Siege Parody Animation), by TheMadHamster
  3. Jam's Halloween Safety Tips, by jasterh21
  4. Playin' with Marvin, by UncleDoogans
  5. Project: Unborn - Episode 3, by MMMgames

We also have new submissions by the following popular artists:
illwillpress, AnimatriumStudio and Stanpai.

What does everyone think of these submissions?

Response to Top entries from 10/16/2020! 2020-10-17 09:41:21

Congrats to the winners!

Check out the NRC / Hexa #62 (Oct)

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