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Jackbox 7 Is Incredible!

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Jackbox 7 Is Incredible! 2020-10-16 03:38:29

So yesterday was the release of the latest installment of the Jackbox Party Pack Series. This latest compilation of party games is the 7th release in the series... and I must say it's quite fantastic!

If I had to say there's a downside to it, it's that Quiplash 3 seems a little uninspired. Doesn't seem like much was done to keep the game fresh, but rather the same formula was used as the first two installements. I must say that I was quite pleased with two of the other games on there: The Devils and the Details, and Blather Round. Those two games made for some great moments on my Twitch channel last night. Talking Points can be quite fantastic as well, but for that game, it helps if you have everyone you're playing with either in the room or in something like an XBox Live Party.

Overall, on a scale of 1-5 stars. I give it a solid 4.5 stars. It's probably my favorite pack since the Jackbox Party Pack 2.

Response to Jackbox 7 Is Incredible! 2020-10-17 14:48:06

How come I had to hear about the new Jackbox Party Pack on Newgrounds of all places?! :O I'll definitely be getting it, I have fun with all of the Party Packs!

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Response to Jackbox 7 Is Incredible! 2020-10-17 22:05:12

Yes we know already!