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Mackievellian's VGMusic Thread! BREEP.

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Hello, it is me, Mackievellian, and I am here to drop some VGM for your ears. I've only started doing this sort of style recently, and I've uploaded a few tracks to NG now (been here for 11 years and never uploaded).

I usually write stuff for my prog\fusion band, as the guitarist and main songwriter, but was feeling the need to spend more time in my DAW. Which is CUBASE. Also writing game music is fun.

The sole purpose for this was because I'm making a game and wanted to make the music also, so, y'know.

If you listen, I hope you like the music so far. I'll be dropping new tracks every now and then with a little description about them...

If you have any suggestions for this thread let me know in the DIRECT MAIL, CHEERS.

Have a day, a good day.


//First attempt at some VGM, for AIM2020. It's fairly, bitty. Lots of bits. Some time changes and such.

//My second entry, also for AIM2020. I wanted to make a sewer theme or something based off of that awesome artwork (in the post). I would definitely change up the melody or add some new instruments if I went back to it.

//My submission to the NGADM 2020. This one got me to round two... Probably my favourite here, it was a lot of fun. Especially the outro. Definitely gonna go back to this one in future.

Hope you like.


This is my entry for round two of NGADM 2020. It's pretty fun I think, I hope you like it. Earthbound/Mother 3 vibes going on. Also a mysterious soloist drops in stop the fray...

Response to Mackievellian's VGMusic Thread! BREEP. 2020-09-20 14:14:55

So I wanted to actually record some guitars this time. My roots are more in this kind of music. I would usually write something much heavier and "proggier" than this, but that intro witht eh music box would've clashed too much with something like that. Hope you like. Have a good one.

Response to Mackievellian's VGMusic Thread! BREEP. 2020-10-11 19:18:52

So I had a week to do this, didn't have a huge amount of time but managed to get something I'm really chuffed with. This one takes all of my NGADM learnings and sticks them in one track...

Proggy. There's some violin, some guitar, some tubular bells... Chiptune as well. All that good stuff in a lil final entry boss track.

Hope you like it.

I forgot about putting this here before, so if you haven't listened, you can hear @Phonometrologist, @AlbeGian, @PredatorMusic and I talk about the NGADM2020, and our respective tracks for the final of the competition!

It was a lot of fun, we all had a Discord chat up during the show.

Congrats to the winner!

PS: Sorry for atting you guys, bit of a necrobump for the contest lol.