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Uploading a multi-part SWF game to Newgrounds

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Hello all.

I work on an NSFW game called Crimson Keep.

The latest chapter is pretty big, and I've been thinking it might be easier to split it into multiple SWFs.

Does anyone know if it would be possible to upload multiple communicating SWFs as a single game submission on NG?

I'm an animator by nature, and only came to coding and development recently, so I haven't figured out a way myself.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

I don't program in Flash so I might not be the best one to answer, but if there's any way to run JavaScript from Flash and if you want to be able to upload to different projects where each project is like one chapter of the game and have them communicate with each other, in other frameworks I know it's possible to read and write data to Local Storage to make games interact -- I posted an example demonstrating that here and have source code here. Then the simplest implementation would be to use statements

window.localStorage.setItem(yourKey, JSON.stringify(yourSaveData));

to save yourSaveData to local storage under yourKey from one game and have the other game use

yourSaveData = JSON.parse(window.localStorage.getItem(yourKey));

to read the data. In my code I used

window.open(url, "_parent");

to let each game move the player's browser to other games in the collab -- if you want to do that then you would probably have to publish all the games in the series simultaneously so NewGrounds assigns URLs for them, then once you know their URLs you would quickly edit them in your code and publish an update. (Assuming you don't want to do what I did and leave all the games except the opening game unpublished but viewable by everyone in preview mode.)

Response to Uploading a multi-part SWF game to Newgrounds 2020-08-17 18:49:08

Do you want to split it up to keep the filesize smaller for users? Or to make it easier to work on?

If it's case B, then you could consider using .swc files to store assets like animations and music, and your main .swf will just include those when you compile. This way the assets in the .swc files don't need to be re-compiled constantly, and you avoid having one insanely bloated swf file.

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