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Ambitious 2D RPG team looking for Programming lead, pixel/map artists

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We're a small team of RPG buffs that have been getting the story, overworld maps, sprites, and mechanics together for a full-length RPG. We're ready to move on from the concept phase and into a vertical slice state so we can begin assembly for a demo. While we do have some coding knowledge between us, we're not prepared to assemble the core game ourselves, and are seeking a programming lead as well as pixel artists to help us assemble the game itself. Our concept phase has been a long time in the making, and we're confident in our ability to see it through to completion with the right team. Most of the game's mechanics already exist...in spreadsheet format.

To oversimplify the concept, the game itself is an RPG along the same vein as Dragon Quest/Mother/etc, with special attention paid to perfecting experimental ideas used in similar games released to date. We've prepared a 25 page pitch document for interested parties' perusal. We're not sweating audio much yet since we don't even have a lead programmer, but there is a section on audio in the pitch document should you like to see it. For the most part, the pitch document covers what we have so far, what we need from our pixel artists, and a brief explanation of the game's setting, story, and main characters. To gain access to the document, Either post here or shoot me a DM with a brief explanation of your skills, and we can get an email from you to get you access to the document.

Don't sweat giving us the very best out of your portfolio right away; We want to make sure you think the project's circumstances are a good fit for you beforehand.

We haven't committed to a platform yet, though we've been leaning toward Unity. Things like Monogame and Godot have been discussed as well, but we're more than willing to let our programming lead take the initiative if they've got a strong case for something else.

We're gunning for a vertical slice of the game in the form of a demo, at which point we're planning on using said demo to get our name out there for some crowdfunding. Our income would be a mix of what we earn from the crowdfunding, as well as the profits from sales, to which everyone on board is entitled a percentage.

Thank you for your time.

You could at least share some of your mock-ups and art to better visualize what are you aiming for. This spreadsheet of yours doesn't sound appealing for even one single bit.

Alright, thanks for those who asked to take a look at our design doc. We got our guy. Still room for pixel artists if anyone digs this post up, but we'll probably reach out again for that later on.

At 8/1/20 08:24 AM, LordZephys wrote: Big wall o' text!

I'm too lazy for this, isn't there a TL;DR; version?

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