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Post your weekly favorite songs from the audio portal

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The goal of this thread is to help audio portal composers, especially lesser-known ones, get more publicity.


  1. Once per week, post your favorite recently-uploaded song from the audio portal. You can post the song by itself or write a comment about why you like it.
  2. Feel free to reply to other posts and talk about the linked songs, but for longer discussions, consider going to private messages.
  3. You don't have to strictly abide by the once per week rule. It exists to prevent the potential spamming of lower-quality submissions.
  4. Do not promote your own work or any song that you contributed to.
  5. It's preferable to post songs that aren't getting much attention over songs from artists with thousands of followers.
  6. Don't post songs that have been front paged. It's fine if a song gets front paged after your post.

Rummages through my mess of favorites

Run as fast as you can

From the man with three hands

And one foot on the land

And one head on a stand

Where he stands from this man

I see three hands and plans

I would run from this man

You do not understand

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I don't know if it's my "favourite," but let's say that this is one of a fair few I'll encounter that will have struck me very nicely this week.

Never have I thought I'd see the day where someone

1) not only gets the feel of Final Fantasy X almost perfectly, from instruments to half-step chord changes which granted, are perfect for jazz and funk normally, but also

2) gets the feel of things like Seymour's Ambition -- one of the better boss themes of that OST -- almost perfectly,

and probably without even trying to emulate any of this.

Thank god. There's so many good songs to choose from. This song definitely needs more exposure fam :

On a serious note :

  • Unpublished Submission

If you're in a Portal 2 mood :

Classic NG Vibe :

I just straight up love this artist :

I save alot of songs for no apparent reason, thanks for the outlet. I'll only post 1 a week after this. Promise.

Don't know how to do that audio thingy so here is a link.

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At 7/13/20 08:08 AM, Positron832 wrote: Don't know how to do that audio thingy so here is a link.

There are no tricks, just post the link to the thing literally

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At 7/13/20 09:29 AM, SkyMixRMT wrote:
At 7/13/20 08:08 AM, Positron832 wrote: Don't know how to do that audio thingy so here is a link.
There are no tricks, just post the link to the thing

Thanks :D

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Everyone give this girl a follow.

Her chords are excellent. Her melody-writing is exceptional.

If you're looking for a sorted, "curated" NG favorites mix, I made a playlist of recent favorites and cut it down to a top 20. The playlist theme is about alternating between Chill and "Banger".


This is an excellent piece of work, melodically, rhythmically, harmonically, tonally. Give this musician a follow, folks!

Production-wise, could do with a little pizzazz, but here is a piece of music whose every single last detail stays in my heart forever.

Bomp. Here's an audio portal playlist I've been working on for the past few months now, I've been meaning to post them individually here, but forgot, so I decided to meticulously arrange them into a coherent mix instead, using the same pattern of alternating between Ambient and Electronic. I'm not sure if it's 100% done yet, but it's pretty close.



Why, why is this so woefully underrated and under-commented... This thing's chords and melody and feel have slain me.