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Munguia, 1976-2020

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Response to Munguia, 1976-2020 2020-04-11 13:07:15

At 4/11/20 12:55 PM, CaminanteNocturno wrote:
At 4/9/20 03:34 PM, BronzeHeart92 wrote: So what'll happen to his digital footprint since he's no longer 'alive' so to speak? Ideally, everything should be banned or otherwise erased...
Dude, what? Why would you do that unless specifically told to do so by him or his family?

Would you have destroyed all of Da Vinci's art just because he died, for example? Burn all the books that belong to long gone authors?

I'm just wondering what will truly happen once I'm gone, that's all. Of course it does help that I can and will set everything I make to public domain in my will in case I become an author or something (which definitely should be an interesting career choice if you ask me).

Response to Munguia, 1976-2020 2020-04-12 00:55:17

All ways sad to hear about an artist dying. Respect

Response to Munguia, 1976-2020 2020-04-12 10:51:23 (edited 2020-04-12 10:52:39)

I always had fun playing his games and enjoyed reading about the work he did in his area. A real lose to the art community here (Newgrounds) and Costa Rica.


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Response to Munguia, 1976-2020 2020-04-12 16:13:42

I am just now finding out about this. Haven't been on the BBS section of the site in a while.

Munguia contributed heavily and had quite some interesting and unique games on the site, which definitely tried new things that hadn't been tried before. He also had a very unique artstyle and it was a pleasure whenever a new Munguia submission arrived on the site.

This is sad news.

Response to Munguia, 1976-2020 2020-04-14 23:00:18

At 4/11/20 12:41 AM, fuckoffasshole wrote:
At 4/10/20 04:13 PM, DoctorStrongbad wrote:
At 4/10/20 04:24 AM, fuckoffasshole wrote: I hated the guy, but rest in peace, sweet prince
Too young to die
Was it a one way thing, or did the both of you have a grudge? I am just curious.
He was always cool with me.
We hated each other guts. I criticized him, because he was an asshole to other people (and my nickname kinda obliges to fight assholes), and he was ignorant of criticism and only double downed on what I said, but still I already miss him, and feel bad for lashing out on him.

I 100 agree with you. I have had several conflicts with others on NewGounds. Some that were " beloved " and " Crowd favorites" that were actually assholes in disguise.

But the beef was serious. It was so serious that I got a ban, and I wasn't swearing or anything, it's that it got really nasty (passive-aggressive thing, I was, and still am, very snarky). Looking in hindsight, I kinda regret it, but that's the way I am :/

I have received a few bans from conversations that we deemed to extreme. In fact, one user actually wrote a five paragraph essay to all of my fans pleading and almost bullying them into removing themselves as my fan. I contacted the mods immediately with proof, and the offender got off scott free without a ban.

Also, I don't know why, but I also posted "his talent was strong enough that he received acclaim that other artists can only wish for" was deleted. What the fuck happened, let's say that I had bad internet connection that deleted that part, because I sure look like a fucking asshole in that post (and I fight assholes, so I'll have to fight with myself)

I have had so many legitimate comments removed on NewGrounds that its really sad. I was never given a reason or justification given.

I was glad to hear your side of the story. That doesn't happen everyday in stories.

Take care of yourselves and peace

I feel the same way.

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Response to Munguia, 1976-2020 2020-05-20 15:38:38

At 4/10/20 02:49 PM, MeGa-wise wrote: I am very saddened to hear this. He made brilliant games that were often on the quality level of works of art. A brilliant and unique mind he had. He died quite young.

I often make a mental list of top 5 game authors on Newgrounds and he was always on that list. Maybe he even deserves 1st place. I don't know of anyone who could produce so many games of constant high quality and even add such unique artistic quality.

It's sad he died so young. Does anyone know the cause?

I played some of his games just two weeks ago and left reviews. He often responded with a smile. We also exchanged a few letters. So strange to learn he is gone now.

Maybe Cancer? Or Something worse!!!!