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Crona in a box !

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Crona in a box ! 2020-02-29 06:07:51

Hi I typed out a 4-5k text thing for this game.. and I went to go copy it incase I lost it and hit paste.. DAMNNN ok...

Thank you for coming to my game (PLEASE STAY AND GIVE IT CHANCE HEAR ME OUT) This can be a really fun game like the game called sticks where you connect dots with a line taking turns playing with two players and you make a full box to win. But this game you try to infect other players color or stay alive from bigg crowds from other players its a FAST PACED game so dont worry about waiting to long for your turn.You can rank up to infect faster too this low budge free game is great!.

( ( ( (Rules) ) ) )

1) ONLY make one comment and only if playing with edited image and text in box try to keep your reply with one box please.

2) Bond with players even if in war.

3) No racist slurs. Swearing is ok.

4) Read (How to play) bellow

5) If there is a WHITE wall blocking you have to find a way to get to a GOLD door first to get inside (white lines are walls that cant be infected through only around)

(Info on game)

This is a 2-12 player game Where you choose a color and can make aliance or try to dominate all its up to you. You will be able to rank up your color from RedeyestheSecound and can find ranks bellow.


(patient zero) - When you get 35 people on board infected you can start to infect 2 people per turn.

(Carrier) - When you get 50 people on board infected then you can start to infect 3 people per turn.

(Zombie) - When you get 100 people on board infected then you can start to infect 4 people per turn.

(Tank) - When you infect 160 people on board infected then you can start to infect 5 people per turn.

(Story of player you chosed)

Your player got a box from fedex with no name on it and they opened it for a video on there youtube channel. And that is how you found out about it. Inside the box it held human hair, a bunch of hay, razors in the hay, then a sandwhich bag with a very small hole in it that had blood in it holding C-V.

(How to play)

(Joining) please look through thread before choosing the color and make sure no one else has it. (This is only time you should post comment with out image of board to.)


1) Scroll all the way down and copy or save image of board which ever is better and tthen send it to pain tool.

2) Color in the black circles or other colored circle or circles (depending on your rank shown above) that are closet near your color.

3) If you upload it please check loast comment to make sure you did not go at same time as other player this might happen if it does then the player who realizes situation has permision to @ the other player and say or remove post if you roll 6 sided dice online and if its 1-3 you get the play and then you can make comment to them letting them know they have to remove post due to you being next (this is trust system and where we really have to be great friends on if you trust me I will trust you I made this game for us all) If its a 4-6 then you should not make a post and let them keep spot and just copy theres and try to go again cause as long as you did not go last time you can go again FAST PACED)

Bellow here is board game and spot of where the colors are !

Rust - Top left corner

Blue - Left side middle

Orange - Left side of middle

Yellow - Bottom left corner

Turquoise - Top middle (Dark teal)

Pink - Middle

Maroon - Middle

Purple - Middle

Lemon - Botttom middle (light yellow)

Dark Green - Swamps shrek - middle

Red - Top right corner.

Teal - Righ side middle.

Lime - Bottom right corner. (light green)


From redeyes to you!

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Response to Crona in a box ! 2020-02-29 06:32:30

An error has occured.

Gremlin.exe has stopped working, please wait for a possible solution.



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Response to Crona in a box ! 2020-02-29 06:37:05

I will go first I will choose color maroon.. So now I select 1 person that is closet to a maroon color.. untile I get 35 then I can start getting two at a time.. ok

Let the virus begin.

(when you copy this image and put it in paint tool you will see the red one is brighter than maroon but not in forum as good I think ?)


From redeyes to you!

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Response to Crona in a box ! 2020-03-01 04:04:15

At 2/29/20 06:37 AM, RedeyestheSecound wrote:

does any one else wanna try just copy image that was copied last with map and pick a color and color in some one near by and repost for me to play again or some one else can pick any color excep maroon (dark red) thats me :3

From redeyes to you!

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