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Response to Megacollab Sample Pack Thread 2019-11-19 02:02:51

At 11/18/19 10:23 PM, CzySzy wrote:
At 11/18/19 05:25 PM, FelixZophar wrote:
At 11/18/19 04:28 PM, CzySzy wrote:
At 11/18/19 03:19 PM, FelixZophar wrote:
At 11/18/19 02:59 PM, CzySzy wrote: I might contribute some drum breaks. Is that a good idea?
Yeah that would be a big help. Do you mean like drum fills?
Drum loops basically. Beats and fills.
Yeah that would be good. You are allowed to make loops with samples you didn’t create, like drums from sample packs, but the loops have to be original.
I'll be using only recordings of my drum kit with like mics and stuff. xD

Alright that works.

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Response to Megacollab Sample Pack Thread 2019-11-20 06:33:26

At 11/20/19 06:17 AM, Tchumi wrote: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/892519 wooo

You would like us to use this sample? If you do we cannot use it because it has copyrighted music in the background.

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Response to Megacollab Sample Pack Thread 2019-11-20 06:51:00

pretty sure its public domain at this point no? wow no its not thats crazy only in the us heres one that doesnt have music

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I emailed what I had laying around.

Response to Megacollab Sample Pack Thread 2019-11-29 04:32:33

cool! i'll give vocal samples

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Response to Megacollab Sample Pack Thread 2019-12-14 21:49:27

At 11/2/19 08:16 PM, FelixZophar wrote: Hello everyone! I have organized a megacollab for all creators on Newgrounds to create samples to be placed in a 1Gb+ sample pack me and a few others are working on. Anyone can join this megacollab. You just need a decent microphone, like a phone mic or better, and record random sounds. What will happen next is you (if you would like to), me, or someone else will mix your sound and then place it in the sample pack.

The scheduled sample pack release is in either December or January. We will be working on this constantly, and there is no limit to how many samples you want to make. You can make 100 for all I care. 

Why are we doing this? I wanted a chance for the community to come together and work on a project. It doesn’t require much time and effort to do, and it’s a great way to meet new creators and see what you bring to Newgrounds.

This sample pack is also intended for people who don’t have money to buy high quality sounds, or doesn’t have good access to sample packs. We are intending to make unique sounds and make sure they are high quality. We are making loads of sound effects, along with vocal chops, vocal shots, and one shots.

All sounds in this sample pack must be 100% ORIGINAL. That means no stealing sounds from YouTube videos or other sample packs. It is okay if your friend sends you a sound that they recorded. You will be credited as the creator of it.

What we are aiming for: (amount of each sample)

Kicks - 50
Snares - 50
Open hats - 20
Closed hats - 20
Cymbals - 15
Rides - 10
Percs - 30

Risers - 20
Vox and chants - 20
Vocal Chops - 15
Ups and downs - 20
SFX - 20

808s - 30
Reeses - 5
One shots - 50

It may seem like a lot, but with the community coming together to work, we can make it happen!

How will you be credited? So once released, it will be posted on a bbs post with all collaborators tagged. I will also be making a news post about it, crediting everyone who worked on the sample pack. Another thing is that inside the sample pack there will be a text document, crediting all the creators, linking their Newgrounds pages. 

This is not just a sample pack for people inside the Newgrounds community. This will be a free sample pack anybody can download. 

Why would I be giving away high quality samples for free? Well this sample pack is intended for people who are living on a budget. Distributing money would also be another big issue. Not all of the creators will be above the age of 18, and can’t have money accounts of any kind.

We are looking for about 30-50 people who would be willing to help. We are looking for at least 3 samples from people. They can be actual samples, or audio recordings. Again, if you’re not good at mixing sounds or making them sound cool, then one of us will do it. 

Another note is please try to make percussion. Everybody is interested in making sound effects, and that leaves us with the percussion. We would appreciate it if you tried to make some Snares, or hats. Any sort of percussion will help us.

When it comes to one shots, we are looking for synth samples, not presets. Not everybody has the same plugins like serum and sylenth1. What will happen is you will make a sound, and then place a note down. Then export it as a .wav file. Please also specify what note it is. It is a pain to figure out what note it is. Even though I have perfect pitch and can figure out what note it is instantly, some sounds are complex and I don’t want to waste my time trying to figure it out.

Also for one shots, make different genres of one shots. Don’t keep it dubstep growls. Maybe include some leads, plucks, basses, pads, etc.

We would also like to see some vocal chop samples. A lot of people are a bit hesitant to give their voice away. That’s fine. But we are looking for people who have good voices to make good samples. 

When it comes to mixing, please don’t wet it with things like reverb, delay, etc. We would like dry samples so people can choose what they want to add to them. You can add reverb, but keep it at very minimal. When it comes to distortion and other sort of effect plugins, try to keep it nice. Don’t ruin the sample. Please try to do a lot of equalizing. I don’t want to hear some low mic frequencies on higher pitched sounds. 

With all of that said, we hope you join the sample pack collab. If you have any questions, please ask me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please submit your samples on the discord server or email them to me.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/UvV4uWk

My email: felixzopharfanmail@gmail.com

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hold up private sample pack? lemme get in on some of that @kaoikay