I'll help with sound design

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I'll help with sound design 2019-10-12 13:27:11

Hey there, Newgrounds' citizens!

My name's Maxim Grachev, I am a Sound Designer and Music Composer. I worked on a lot of projects in absolutely different spheres: video games, animation series, commercials, logos and so on. You can check

out some of my works selection in the Portfolio section of my personal website.

One thing is clear to me after all these years: my favorite work is making sound design and foley for animation. But for all this time I had not much projects of this kind... cruel fate.

So I'd love to take some projects from you, guys, time to time because I know that people, really passionate about animation, are gathered here on Newgrounds.

I'll do it for free or for any nominal fee if you'll be so kind (I still have to feed my family). So feel free to shoot me a DM, tell me about your project and about yourself, and we'll figure something out :)

Thank you for your attention, have a nice time of day and keep up a good work! And tell your animator-friends about the idea :D

Professional sound designer and music composer. Always available for some freelance ;-)