NGADM 2019 Round 4 (Top 8)

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Whew, quite the endurance you all have!

Link to Challonge website:


Scores for Round 2 are here:


Now Round 3 begins!

The following advanced to Round 3, Top 8:

@LucidShadowDreamer @Everratic @glutenfree @Syamori @endKmusic @CloakedSoup @Vocaloutburst @Stardew @1f1n1ty

The following are Tier 1 for the fill-in list:

@LunacyEcho @Megasphere @Ectisity

The following are Tier 2 for the fill-in list:

@Drewpy @Pheanir @Jdawg00100 @Blackhole12

Check-in form:


Once you check in, that is your confirmation that you are continuing in the contest. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the contest on October 13, 2019. As a fill-in, please be reminded that fill-in comes on a first come, first served basis. Tier 1 will be given priority over Tier 2.

As usual, your song must be made from scratch in the 2-week period that you are given. Attempts to submit a song made outside of this period will automatically disqualify you from the competition

Those who do not advance to round 3 will have their top scores compared to see who may serve in the fill-in pool for next round. For round 4, two (2) individuals will enter into the fill-in pool. There will not be a tier list at this point and round 4 will be the final round of fill ins.

If you are a part of the fill-in pool, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you create a song during the two weeks given. In the event that one of individuals is disqualified or forfeits from the competition, you will not be granted extra time to create your song. Please utilize the time wisely to create a song that will impress the judges!

Also, as a fill-in, you will need to submit your song by deadline in this thread.

You will receive a review during this stage. For round 3, we are going attempt reviews by three judges. There are some judges who will provide reviews to all contestants, but it will be delegated who will be reviewing certain songs in the contest. Also, like last round, things may come up that may prevent a judge from providing a review.


Your song must be made during the two weeks given. 


You are allowed to submit one song ONLY.


Remixes, covers and collaborations are not allowed. Everything you make must be 100% your own work, but the use of singers or voice actors is allowed.


Any genre of music is allowed. Remember, this competition is entirely dedicated to music, so voice acting, experimental noise, sound effects, and anything of the sort which can't be considered music is strictly prohibited. Acapella tracks do not fall under voice acting and are allowed.


Please do not use memes in your song. Your song must be original, and the use of memes has fallen into the “do not use” area for judges.


Please ensure that your song is able to pass a “reasonable person test”, meaning that it does not sound similar or have VSTs or Synths that sound similar to copyrighted materials. If items are to be found, they will be referred to staff for review and mods for decision making.

For Collaborations:

Teams of two collaborators are allowed for this competition and you will be considered as a team for the entirety of the competition. Upon request, you and your teammate will have to show how you contributed toward the song in this competition. If you and your team member are unable to do so, you risk being disqualified from the competition.

More than two team members will not be allowed for this competition.

For Bands:

We are allowing for more than two people to be participating in a band for the competition. What this means is if you are creating your song LIVE, then you will be allowed to create a song with multiple people involved.

However, upon request, you may be required to provide proof that your song was created with all members involved. Failure to produce evidence will lead to disqualification of ALL members from the competition.


In accordance with past NGADMs, the following applies:

“If there's something you don't agree with, something you want to complain about or a flame war you want to start, leave it for PM's.”

If this isn’t complied with, a mod will be notified immediately, and your song will risk being disqualified from the competition. You have been warned.


“All Audio Portal rules apply (read this to learn more about what's good and what's not). Failure to comply with said rules will result in a disqualification and possibly even an audio ban. And yes, BBS rules apply too.”

Additionally, with usage of sample in submitted songs, the following applies:

“It's allowed if:

The samples are not from a copyrighted source.

You have the right license terms / permission from the original author.

The samples are a minor part of your track.”

Please be careful when utilizing samples in your work during the audition or subsequent rounds. You will be notified if there are any issues with a submitted song.

This applies with the “reasonable person test”. If there is a conflict with whether a sample is copyright, please submit a request to the judges for review.


“Like we always say, do NOT take the word 'deathmatch' literally”

Most importantly:

If you received a score you did not like, please be civil on the forums and in messages. If you have any questions or gripes about the contents of your score shall be done respectfully. Any hate mail will not be entertained, and if this persists, this will be referred to Staff.

Any abusive behaviour against other participants will also be referred to Staff.

Additionally, please be reminded that the other judges and I will be strictly enforcing this policy.

I will be monitoring the discussion thread closely for any post that does not follow this rule. A mod will be notified in cases where such posted need to be deleted, so it’s in your best interest to keep it civil.

Deadline: October 20, 2019

Predictions will be formed as soon as the deadline hits. Best of luck to current participants and looking forward to seeing what you cook up this round!

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Response to NGADM 2019 Round 4 (Top 8) 2019-10-07 08:11:04

I honestly didn't expect to win this round. I was very impressed with your track @Megasphere!

Good luck this round, @glutenfree ~

Also, isn't this round 3? The title says round 4 lol

Response to NGADM 2019 Round 4 (Top 8) 2019-10-07 09:07:12

At 10/7/19 08:11 AM, Syamori wrote: I honestly didn't expect to win this round. I was very impressed with your track @Megasphere!

Good luck this round, @glutenfree ~

Also, isn't this round 3? The title says round 4 lol

Well, me neither – guess circumstances brought us here :p Good luck!

Response to NGADM 2019 Round 4 (Top 8) 2019-10-07 09:37:56

At 10/7/19 08:11 AM, Syamori wrote: I honestly didn't expect to win this round. I was very impressed with your track @Megasphere!

Good luck this round, @glutenfree ~

Also, isn't this round 3? The title says round 4 lol

I saw the title after I finished setting everything up when it was too late lol. Regardless, it is round 3 and round 4 will happen next round.

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Response to NGADM 2019 Round 4 (Top 8) 2019-10-07 10:48:28

Kinda feel like it's a bit pointless for me to continue even if I make it as a fill-in, so I'll forfeit my fill-in spot

Just a random idiot

Response to NGADM 2019 Round 4 (Top 8) 2019-10-08 08:41:30

Oof n I get the pretty front row seat, good luck you guys the sidelines are rooting for y'all!

Response to NGADM 2019 Round 4 (Top 8) 2019-10-09 19:52:14

I'm not going to fill-in.

At 10/9/19 07:52 PM, Blackhole12 wrote: I'm not going to fill-in.

This is actually a good point to reconsider being a fill in since only two people will be in the fill in spot after this round. You guys have made it very far in the contest, so don't feel bad if it gets too hard to advance from this point.

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I am pretty sure that I'm not going to get to fill in, but - just in case - this is the composition I submit for this round:

It's been an amazing experience for me until now and I would never have thought to come this far. Good luck to everyone! ♪ ♪