3d animator/modler for hire.

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3d animator/modler for hire. 2019-09-26 14:29:40



If you want to do your own animated web show in 3d animation hit me up at aledom1987@gmail.com the cost is 700 $ per episode runtime 25 minutes. If you wanna do your own simpsons show or futurama or adventure time type show, i can do it within a 2 month range. Voice acting and audio will have to be provided by you.

If cartoons aren't your thing and you want more of a gta style animation I can do that as well.

I also do gaming sprites rendered in 3d, i will include it below.

You can checkout a mini game i did in my spare time where i did a lot of the design work.

If you want animation samples, provide a 11 second dialogue clip audio and I will provide a sample of the animation.