Looking for artist to take on intro

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The last year I've been working on The Way Of Ira.

A new episode for the 90's Build Engine game Blood by Monolith.

You can download it here:


My work has one huge flaw. The intro.

I am in no way a graphical prodigy, nor do I have a voice for storytelling.

To give you an idea where it's at, you can watch what I fabricated here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CTLrJV4Muk&t=10s

I clearly have no skills in this.

Hereby I'm looking for a volunteer who'd be interested in making an intro that doesn't look like a PowerPoint ;)

I'm not making any money with this and I'm afraid I also can't pay whoever would want to do this.

Of course you'll be credited for your work.

So, if you got a special place for Caleb in your dark heart and you want to be a part of this,

please let me know and we can start talking.

Looking forward to it,

Kind Regards,


Artist position is filled.

Still looking for a voice actor :)

Response to Looking for artist to take on intro 2019-10-02 15:48:38

All positions filled.