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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Welcome to The Newgrounds OC Art Contest: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back in May the writing community on newgrounds competed in a competition to create some original Newgrounds Characters. The idea was to go through each section of newgrounds (Writing, art, audio, voice acting, and animation.) and collaborate to create an animation with brand new characters that would become Newgrounds Originals.

It was decided that concept art should be the next step in the process. 

Our winner was @Unabated with his story Discount Detectives: Dicked Twice

Please read his entry here: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1441365#bbspost26342302_post_text

Unabated already has concept art created for the two main characters Detective Harold Moustache and Detective Ed Jackson, which can be viewed here:

To enter this competition please create concept art for 1-2 (or more if you want to go wild!) of the supporting characters. Please note that the author isn't married to the original concept art so don't worry if your style doesn't match the original two characters. We don't want to limit any style or concept.

Supporting Characters:

Police Chief Guy Sticker (A strong and proud gay leader not afraid to make himself the "butt" of the joke.) We are very aware that when creating a gay character that there could be toxic stereotypes involved. With this in mind we did make some edits to the character and got feedback from the LGBTQ community. The author is committed to avoiding any homophobic tendencies and will continue to work towards making this a character who just happens to be funny and gay, not funny because they're gay. This character was designed in mind to be comfortable with their sexuality and not be afraid to use it within their every day dialogue with the rest of his team.

Stephanie Hergenwolfmenortisspunkenmerner (practically ditsy secretary that has issues with contractions and possibly dyslexic. Apathetic. Really bad at her job. Cute but not used for overt sex appeal)

Curator (Older middle aged guy who is very uppity)

Child Thief (Homeschool loner kid who missed out on a lot of social constructs and is going through puberty.)

Janitor (Older Italian immigrant that has an infatuation with a lot of the art works from his homeland)

Note: Other than the Janitor there aren't any races mentioned. Please feel free to take creative liberty with their race/ethnicity.


September 20th 2019: Midnight EST


1st Place: Congrats, your concept art was chosen to move on and help with the creation of the animation! Here's a supporter status as well! You will be given credit with the final product and may be more involved with the project's art later on!

2nd Place: Supporter Status

3rd Place: Supporter Status


Entries must be posted to the newgrounds art portal.

Link to your entries in this thread.

Tag the submission with: #NewgroundsOC2019

Only submit art that you've created yourself.



@Fro (In a supporting role)

Note: Unabated will have the final choice if he would like to move in a different direction if none of the styles fit his vision for the animation. If that ends up as the conclusion we will go back to the drawing board and try again!

There also can be other scenarios where Unabated decides to use additional authors to do other artwork such as backgrounds, etc... 

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