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Robert Benfer AKA Knox a Scammer??!

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yo yo YO did you read that right?? yeah hold the FUCK UP Has anyone ELSE HEARD OF THIS???

CLay animation 00's legend and icon Knox apparantly scammed a bunch of people in 2013?? idk how i didnt hear of this until now

here is a video that I found while looking him up :

I am astonished, like many others, I used to love this guys animations and videos ... ok and to be honest i didnt even watch the full video or research this yet, this just blows my mind


Response to Robert Benfer AKA Knox a Scammer??! 2019-06-02 16:31:54

I watched it to the end.

Sucks that the guy paid $50 and didn't get anything. But, he waited like 4 or 5 years before initiating a refund with paypal. of course you won't get your money back after that long.

Is knox scamming? Doesn't feel that way. I don't think this video proves a scam because something he ordered almost 10 years ago never got fulfilled. It's not like knox is still even selling that set or whatever this guy was complaining about. He has a patreon and his stuff is being sold by 3rd parties instead.

Near the end the video mentions some mental health that knox talked about. I could easily see a small time guy getting overwhelmed by backed up orders and going into a depression spiral being unable to fulfill them while also not having the funds to refund folks. Not exactly premeditated graft.

What you see with real scammers is a lot more methodical. They are always hustling for new projects or jumping to different products and company names. Or they try to hide what they're doing or what they've worked on before. This video I think was trying to show that when he talked about how knox changed the name of his website or changed his youtube channel but those were more clearly pivots that knox announced ahead of time because the style of his work was changing. And it was only 1 or 2 changes over a decade. If he was making like 20 LLCs and using pseudonyms for each new project or always pushing new products being sold only through direct email orders or paypal friends/family or venmo payments the assertion would have more weight.

Sure it was shitty to leave some folks without a refund after so long. No question on that. But not a scam.

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I was one of the people that ordered one of those DVD box sets and got nothing in return. I don't think it was an intentional scam, I think the guy was under prepared and didn't know how to handle a bad situation so he panicked and ran from the problem.

I sent a handful of emails and got nothing, and eventually filed for a refund with Paypal but that didn't go anywhere either. I forgave him pretty easily, and I've always just assumed he was in over his head and was too embarrassed and scared to directly address the problem. It was p shitty though, buying something and getting nothing in return, not even an apology email or update on the issue.

Response to Robert Benfer AKA Knox a Scammer??! 2019-06-02 21:45:26

some of the footage later on in the doc that i saw made it look like (may have been edited that way) he was just continuing to milk the sales of DVDs after he didnt fulfill orders originally,

of course i dont know personally, but he has always seemed like a bit of a weird guy so it would make sense for him to be super nervous, or get in over his head, and just be like "OK fuck this im running from my problems"

if its true he kept advertising DVDs he knew were never going to sell i think its either what voltage said, some sort of fraud, or just deciding to scam his fanbase of the claymations while not being a career scammer,

more importantly, what seems to really matter is this dude does seem to have a problem with alcohol and the excerpts of him on stream drinking and seeming pretty weird disgruntled and angry dont reflect that hes in a great place... especially when generally you should try to respect your fans... ESPECIALLY if your demographic is probably pretty young, some of the shit he was saying seemed pretty fucked up, at the same time it may have been some form of lashing out of his own self hatred for his position as a person and the similarities he saw in others who were his fans... idk though, maybe his actually comedy style is just supposed to be really grating? or those were one off instances carefully edited into a video to make him look as bad as possible?

hopefully this dude has stopped drinking by now and maybe will have some way to compensate people someday, or do something to clear his name?

i definitely agree that releasing a documentary style video like 7 years later isnt how youre gonna get compensated, although they seemed to be painting it as he consciously pushed the dates back and postponed the pre order release possibly knowing of paypals refund policy?

i have no guage of who this guy actually is, is another aspect as well. never talked to this dude, never any real evidence anything ive seen of him online is his actual personality, the parasocial aspect makes it murky as well. Is this "supposed" to be his angle, its supposed to be more funny for him to glide with fulfillment errors and have some weird stream sessions?

anyways as a way to note this post, i didnt watch the whole doc, i skipped in a bit to see the parts the description was talking about then watched through there a bit, some of this struck me as pretty strange, although as an adult I can now see that... what would you expect based off of the content this dude has consistently made? He never seemed super normal in the first place, so it probably would be unfair to chalk it up to him being a scammer, in my mind I was super shocked to see this when looking him up though


Response to Robert Benfer AKA Knox a Scammer??! 2019-06-02 22:14:25

I would be quick to forgive him, it seems like a human mistake. Not scamming, but based on what I've heard, the guy is having a rough time with depression lately. And despite that, he's still getting work in. His videos are becoming greater, he's rubbing shoulders with other great creators, and he'll even appear as a prominent character in Season 4 of the Cyanide & Happiness show later this year.

I'm glad the guy is keeping busy- its an excellent antidepressant. He seems like a good guy, and if he could broadly, swiftly make up for it all, I'm certain he would.

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Response to Robert Benfer AKA Knox a Scammer??! 2019-06-02 23:38:11

Yeah I saw that a few months back, that video seriously needs more views

Response to Robert Benfer AKA Knox a Scammer??! 2019-06-03 00:12:22

i watched the whole thing, it's a fascinating video and a sad look into the descent of what should have been an otherwise promising career. that really sucks, especially how he just continued to promote more stuff without properly addressing the mess he was already in. weird weird stuff

Response to Robert Benfer AKA Knox a Scammer??! 2019-06-03 08:48:27

Okay, now that I've actually watched the video in the OP, I have...mixed thoughts. I really want to hear his side of the story explaining exactly what went down.

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