Can I Upload an EXE game?

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Can I Upload an EXE game? 2019-05-23 00:00:28

Hey there!

I was wondering if I can publish my game at Newgrounds, it is not flash nor played by web. It is an executable from Game Maker that has to be downloaded with a size of ~100mb


Response to Can I Upload an EXE game? 2019-05-23 06:49:51

No, all stuff you put here must be web-playable.

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Just so you know, GameMaker has a HTML5 export option which can be in all probability uploaded here (judging by all the GM games here), but in their endless wisdom, YoYo Games decided to sell the option separately for $149…

Theoretically, it's probably possible to crack it, but you usually don't want to do that, because if your game was good and became popular, it'd get you into trouble. Wait for a sale if you're interested in publishing on web.

Response to Can I Upload an EXE game? 2019-05-24 14:57:13

Aw man, in 2016 there was a Game Maker humble bundle, I got game maker pro 2, and the html5, android, and ios modules all for $15. I think they did it again so they might do it again at some point if you're lucky. Or just wait for a sale like Rallyx said lol.

Man, $149 JUST for html5, that sucks.