Trying to find an A game.

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Trying to find an A game. 2019-05-22 11:27:24

I have been searching everywhere in every way I can for this game. I enjoyed it greatly, and at this point i fear it may have ben taken down from the site, though i don't know by who. it could have been voted down for the lack of music, and animations, but it was a text based game. You the pincipal of a sort of prison academy, where all the students were convicted of crimes, some small like graffiti, some big like scamming people out of there money. It does sound bad saying students, but every character in the game was stated to be 18 or older. The game was completely legal. You could choose whether to discipline a/all the students as well as how much, and using what tactics. it did have some still images, but it was mostly text based.