Voice acting/Cover question

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Voice acting/Cover question 2019-05-21 22:58:23

Hello, NG fam.

Even though it's not my strong suit, I do want to release more VA demos here on the Grounds.

I understand that covers are allowed as long as permission has been granted by the original Author.

The question(s) I pose are:

  • If it is small segment(acapella) along with other segments(from other songs) and it is for the explicit purpose of a voice demo, is it OK?

If not

  • Is it OK to do parodies?

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*EDit I have had 2 audio submissions removed from NG since I posted this topic, yet no replies to this post.

Albeit those submissions were removed for vulgar content. I would like to still know.


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Response to Voice acting/Cover question 2019-06-17 00:09:07