Help Find Ominous Badly Drawn Game

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Please help me find this game. It was really badly drawn, not even sure the character had a face, maybe it was just a doodle. The feeling from playing it was kind of like somebody's animations in game form https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/382666 but I looked at his games and it wasn't there. It was a sorta "what ominous garbage is this" feeling you got from it.

I think the art was even worse than somebody's and I don't remember dialogue in it, I guess it could have had that but honestly I don't think it even had a coherent story. I think the character was supposed to resemble something anthropomorphic but possibly it was a badly drawn spaceship or just a doodle. I don't think it looked like pixel art but I dunno. I think the camera was pretty zoomed out, much more so than the camera in Super Mario Bros. The gameplay was probably platformer or like Zelda NES without the fighting? I'm unsure.

I think it had been here a while and the author may have had more things in the same style so it's unlikely it would've been deleted. It's not Misadventure by Matzerath, I played that later. It's not Loved by AlexanderOcias and it's not by AwkwardSilenceGames either. It's not by StrawberryClock. It's not something from the last year. Maybe I'm confusing a film with a game but I don't think so? I dunno.