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MWC19 March - March Forward Results

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March Writing Competition Results - March Forward

Hello, I'm going to make the result thread in general forum from now on in hopes of getting a few more entries in the future competitions.

In this competition the writers had to have a strong presence of the following theme: Devotion, going forward, giving something up, greed, and new life.

These results come much later than usual. I've been extremely busy at home. We have received a foster child and It's been a challenge to balance the new busy life of two children, multiple visitations, court cases, doctor appointments, and getting use to a new sleep schedule. 

There's a couple of days left on the April Competition - I'm the Fool as well. I'll have a new competition posted within a couple of days as well.

So on to the winners! (All have won a supporter status)

1st Place: @IceDragon64

Pastures New

Our first winner produces a story about the beings that live on our skin, invisible to the naked eye and the struggles they go through for survival. A creative story that you may remember in the future when you scratch your crotch. 

2nd Place: @123survesh

Civil War Inside The Mind of A Secondary Consumer

This author writes a story that I'm sure a lot of us can relate to... well... that's what it leads you to think until the end of the story.... Maybe only a couple of you can related to this one?

3rd Place: @RainyG

The Ballad of the Rat King

I had to flip a coin with another story for this place, but the more I think about it the more I think the coin picked the write story! An adventurer finds the monster that he's looking for, but should he have turned back?