Siak's Sketchbook (WIPs)

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Siak's Sketchbook (WIPs) 2019-01-09 22:16:44


I'm Siak, a 3D Illustrator that operates primarily in zBrush, Keyshot and Marmoset. I've been sculpting for about 2 years now, though I feel I've only just reached a comfortable stride in the last month or so. This thread will contain my in progress works, showing the base sculpts and some of the passes I render prior to having a completed image.

Depending on whether I want to have a stylized sculpt or a realtime model, my workflow will be different.

A realtime render will involve sculpting and basic retopo in zbrush, unwrapping in 3Dcoat, texturing in substance painter and finally rendering in Marmoset Toolbag.

A stylized sculpt will go straight from zBrush (sculpting) to Keyshot (rendering) to Photoshop(coloring).

Current Project is a Giraffe Esper. I sculpted a full body, though I'll likely use a waist-up for the final render.


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WIP of Yasunori Kato from Teito Monogatari, as portrayed by Kyusaku Shimada. The peaked cap is giving me a bit of trouble, but I'm sure the final render will look a-okay.iu_1766_7236283.jpg

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Very nice 3-D work here you have some amazing skills keep up the great work



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I got a Switch and Spla2n so I figured I'd do a bit of fanart. Currently working on this Marina sculpt!

And maybe once this is done I'll start a character raffle.


At 1/13/19 06:33 PM, XwaynecoltX wrote: Very nice 3-D work here you have some amazing skills keep up the great work


Thank you!

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And the completed version. Gave me a bit of trouble but came out decent enough: