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GREENFIELD 2018-08-23 10:36:30

"Private, wake up"
Martin "Greenfield" Ross woke up and saw 3 men. They said they were Bob, Sylvelester, and Willard. Willard was the captain, and he was leading them on a mission to take back allied intelligence. Sylvelester gunned down below at the enemies who were firing. They landed on the roof and Greenfield went on first because Bob pushed him off. However, Greenfield pushed Bob inside the building. Bob used his Uzi's to show off his skills and shot his attackers. They were dressed casually, however they had face paint to look like they had blood on their face and a strap of clips around them. A unique one, which was dressed formally and had no face paint ran up to Bob and stabbed him in the face. Greenfield shot him and they moved on. Another formal one rushed at the 2 and had a shotgun. He fired at Bob, hitting the wound which ended up killing him, and Willard, who survived. Greenfield shot him in the heart.
The next room was easy. They had to climb down a rope and get the intel. Greenfield came down and grabbed it and when he climbed back up they were gone. He went to the roof where he saw the 2 getting shot at trying to get to the helicopter. He used one of the MG's to scare away the men, sometimes killing them to add more fear. He got on and the mission was accomplished.

But it's not over yet...

Part 1/3


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