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World of Warcraft - Honest Review

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World of Warcraft - Honest Review 2018-08-17 04:49:55

Possibly the Best MMORPG Ever

I previously reviewed this item when I was still new to the game, and was generally not familiar with many of the vague interfaces. When I last reviewed it, I was a level 22 "noob" who basically thought everything about the game was excellent and in no way did it have to be changed. Well, to tell you the truth, I have now grown up, (Now Level 41) and have experienced most of the game. In fact, enough to give you an in-depth analysis of the full product, without taking out some of the major pros and cons I missed previously.

When you first log in, the first expression that will likely be in your head is, "Wow! Where to start?". Obviously, you must first select a realm (Basically the server. Servers vary as players vary from relam to realm). With 132 realms, and 4 types to choose from, you will likely not have a hard time getting into a realm. The types of realms are as follows:

PVP: In a PVP (Player Verses Player) relam, you are constantly at war with the opposing faction (i.e Alliance; 'The 'Good' Side', and Horde, 'The 'evil' side, if you get my drift). You may be killed by any player at any time, anywhere, unless you are in a friendly territory. I recommend this realm type for veteran players.

PVE: A PVE (Player Verses Enviornment), or normal realm, is easier than a PVP realm in many respects. Unless you are marked for PVP activity, you may not be attacked by a player of the opposing faction.

RP: An RP (Role Playing) realm allows all players to develop a 'real life' for their characters, an minimizes minless questing. Though, in this type of realm, more game rules apply and chat is boiled down to only being able to say, "Would someone like to help me with my Hunter Storyline?" etc.

RP PVP: The same as an RP realm except PVP characteristics come into play.

After selecting your realm, you must begin creating your character. World of Warcraft allows you to choose from two sides to create you character on, the Horde or Alliance, each with, in my opinion, balanced strengths and weaknesses. After selecting your side, you may choose your character's race. On the Horde side, you may choose from Trolls, Orcs, Undead and the Tauren. On the alliance, you have Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves and Night Elves. The only difference between a race is minor Racial Abilities, the starting area, different class types, and, of course, the race's appearance. After choosing your race you move on to classes. Depending on side or race, there are 9 classes: Rogue, Hunter, Warlock, Paladin, Druid, Priest, Shaman, Warrior and the Mage, each with balanced abilites. Character Custimization is far from diverse. If you want that, I would choose Everquest. There are about 5 or 6 types of features to manipulate, each with about 10-12 styles. For me, not enough.

When you've done with all that, which will take you roughly about 10 minutes, you may jump into the huge and beautiful world of Azeroth. Perhaps the most beautiful fantasy world every created, players have the ability to hike up gigantic snow-covered mountains, walk across rolling plains and jump across scorching lava pools. The areas to trek through are endless and all of the sites are fantastically handled with a brilliant game engine, ensuring your eyes love what they see.

Load times are almost forgotten, with the only exception of entering Instances, or travelling between the two giant continents. This lowers the frustration level immensley and minimizes wasted time.

Now, we'll make a slight switch over to the gameplay side of things. For the first few months this is extremely fun. While I am certainley not saying that the following moths after that are not fun, it is just not AS fun. A major part of playing and proggressing in the game in leveling. There are approximatley 60 levels to advance through, which will surely keep you occupied for a great length of time. There is only one way to achieve this goal: Gain Experience Points (XP). I have only found 3 ways of doing this; You may kill a never ending amount of monsters (With a lot of them being the ever annoying Murlocs), compete in Battlegrounds (Discussed later) for a tiny amount of XP, or, the most efficiant way, complete quests.

Quests, even though a very important part of the game itself, are extremely boring. Mostly every quest you will find will either ask you to 'kill X amount of this, this and that'. Or, 'find X'. Even, Explore 'X'. And also, 'talk to X'. And, finally, 'Kill X'. There is simply no variety to the over 2,500 quests that the game box boasts. Maybe I am being too harsh because, of course, there are some very memorable quests which you likely will enjoy, and enjoy a lot.

A part of the game many, including myself, enjoyed were Instances. Instances are simply a large area where only you and your party may go into (i.e if you and Bob will face the instance, and not Little Sally). Loot and treasure is ussually a lot better in an instance and the enemies you battle are ussually harder. As well, the Bosses are scripted and will require more strategy to defeat than outside Bosses. Battlegrounds, in my opinion, are perhaps the easiest way to gain Honor (Honor Points are similair to leveling and XP as you may level up in the Honor levels). Right now, there are three Battlegrounds you may compete in: Warson Gulch, a capture the flag battlefield, Arathi Basin, a Capture the Territory battlefield, and Alterac Valley, a Kill the Leader battlefield. Each Battleground is fun in their own way, but, for me, Arathi Basin is the most fun, as it is unique.

Finally, we'll take a look at the community and the in-game technical support. I, unlike other players, found that the support of the game was overall very good. I asked for help about something I didn't understand in-game and in about half an hour my message was answered by a real person. By the way, It seems like they use special services (like MeowEssay) to correct their spelling. The only aspect of the community which I think should be inproved on is dealing with the players behaviour. I have seen players write pages of disrespectful chat and they have not even been spoken to, as I see them a few weeks later spouting off their mouths. Just improve that, and it'll be good enough for me.The game has many things needed to be imroved on, but these concerns, as major as they are, are simply overshadowed by the sheer greatness and enjoyment you'll have during your journeys in the game.
That it is hard to disagree that World of Warcraft is not a good game. That is why, for me, it is possibly the best MMORPG ever.

World of Warcraft - Honest Review

The real fun is at end game. Get to 110 its even better. In fact I believe that's when the game actually starts.

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At 8/17/18 04:49 AM, EdmundoFromHell wrote: On the Horde side, you may choose from Trolls, Orcs, Undead and the Tauren. On the alliance, you have Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves and Night Elves.

Why do the Trolls and Orcs always have to be the bad guys? Is it because they look scary?
Is it because trolls and orcs are considered too dumb to understand morality?

That's messed up man.
If anything the Elves are the evil ones, pansy ass forest fascists.

(But to be serious for a second, I heard this game was more fun in the early 2000's and that It's pretty much a different game in comparison.)

Sleep so many dream, sugar prince.

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Response to World of Warcraft - Honest Review 2018-08-18 03:22:57

Thanks for the review! I was thinking about trying it out but after reading this I really dont want to I did not want to before because I would get confused on all the items you have to collect to craft I dont play minecraft for that same reason

From redeyes to you!

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Response to World of Warcraft - Honest Review 2018-08-18 14:05:39

At 8/18/18 05:14 AM, Dynastywarriors5 wrote:
At 8/17/18 12:27 PM, WaffleCrisp wrote: The real fun is at end game. Get to 110 its even better. In fact I believe that's when the game actually starts.
Endgame doesn't even start until 120. Fucking scrub

Ok, it's level 120 now. And don't call me a scrub you ass licker.

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Response to World of Warcraft - Honest Review 2018-08-18 17:38:58

I never really cared for it, hated that Warcraft went from it's original format to one mimicking EverQuest.

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