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Epi Cadventure Part 2

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Epi Cadventure Part 2 2018-08-15 12:14:29

Racheal dropped to the ground. She had bruises all over her. She looked at the clones and passed out. When she woke up, she got dressed and Epi and Racheal left the premises. They went home and things were okay, right? Wrong. Now the TPS is hunting them down. Erik started to barricade. Nagol wasn't there, he was recovering. Then, people started marching. They heard gunshots, screams, explosions. Erik used the guns he got from the building to defend from the roof, while Epi and Racheal hoped for the best. 'Epi Cadventure, what a name' he thought.
Racheal hid and Epi started to fortify everything, and protecting Racheal. The TPS busted in and they never detected Epi and Racheal. However, they knew someone was there because they were shot at from the roof. They got to the roof and started beating Erik, but he used a flashbang, closed his eyes, and when it did it's thing he shot the attackers. But when they gained consciousness they stabbed Erik in the chest. Epi went upstairs and pulled out a handgun, firing at the attackers who fled. They left behind a map, a map to the danger zone. Then, things shifted. The dead started to rise. Zombies were here. The TPS was overrun by them and they went inside the house. The 3 of them fled the scene and tried to get to the hospital where Ganga and Nagol were.
Nagol was alright and he was just leaving. Epi gave him a rifle and a strap of clips because "Zombies". Ganga was still in the hospital. They went in and found him, still recovering. They left and many people were confused of the poorly concealed guns, until they looked outside. They got to an unlocked car and Racheal was the only one that knew how to drive, so she drove them along the map. And now, will they make it? Or will they die?


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Response to Epi Cadventure Part 2 2018-08-23 15:41:08

Note: What happened to Jorge is that he was shot outside.


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