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Epi Cadventure Part 1

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Epi ran from the figure, who resembled the description of what Erik told of John, his best friend who was murdered. As the figure grew closer, it pulled out a knife. It proceeded to hurl it at Epi, but before it hit, he woke up. Epi went downstairs to see Erik, playing Crash Bandicoot 3. Epi let out a relieved sigh as he sat down. Epi started to play with Erik and they got passed a few levels. Jorge came down and said "3:21 PM and I finally wake up, don't take 5 sleeping pills." We all were silent but he corrected himself saying he took 4. We laughed it off and continued playing. Then... something weird happened. Where was Racheal? Racheal was nowhere to be seen. Nagol came along and claimed Racheal was missing, and her phone was on the ground. He claimed he got it open, and saw that it was recording something. He stopped it and watched it back. Racheal was recording a video at night, and made it a horror video, but was kidnapped. Nagol remembered the jacket she was wearing, and that there was a tracker for the others to find her in case if she went missing. So the group used a tracker, and found out she was in the Treasured People Society: a controversial society known for multiple scandals. They had taken her, and the group had to save her.

They ran outside, and there was a cop tracking down someone. They came to the cop saying they were looking for a woman by the name of Racheal Smith, and the cop claimed he was looking for a gangster hiding in the TPS. That was their location! So the group went with the cop, and they made it. The cop revealed his name as Martin James, but people called him Ganga Nocop. "Ganga No" for no gangsters, and "cop" for... cop. He used a keycard and got in, and 5 people noticed. They pulled out different weapons and fired at the group. However, Nagol remembered the time a cop survived a 50 men takeover which failed. He was the only non-TPS member to make it out alive, and he said there was an armory, second room to the right hallway. So Nagol bolted to the right hallway and made in there. 3 people were in that room, and a notorious gangster. He punched the 3, only stunning them for a bit, but grabbed a rifle and shot them, sparing the gangster, where he used handcuffs from the armory to handcuff him. He brings back weapons and the gangster, and realized he'd been shot 7 times in non-vital places. He runs out, and notices more cops have arrived. Was this the successful takeover?

Jorge used a grenade from the armory and blew up the attackers. The group moved onward, without Nagol, and instead of him there were more cops. 2 of the cops took in the gangster, so there were 10 cops excluding Ganga, and the 3 of the friends. A bunch of people who heard the commotion ambushed the group, killing 5 of the cops. 1 of those cops threw his baton and managed to take out 1 of the men. Jorge used his second grenade to easily dispatch the men. Ganga enters the room head on and is shot in the head by a man. This man said "Oh shit, Ganga!" Turns out this was accidental. He revealed himself as a prisoner. He had just gotten out of his cell and rescued more prisoners. All of them to be exact. He checked the pulse of Ganga. Slow, but still there. 4 of the 5 cops escorted the prisoners and the still-living Ganga outside. Epi went on his own to find a cloning facility. 1 of them was labeled source and the others were labeled clone with a serial number, randomly chosen. It was Racheal.

(The image is a quick MS Paint drawing of Epi. His eyes are like that. His design is based off a character I made on scratch, for 2 of the things I made. Scratch: Nagol_Hismah)

Epi Cadventure Part 1


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