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Top entries from 07/10/2018!

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Top entries from 07/10/2018! 2018-07-11 00:01:02 Reply

Hello NG-fans! P-Bot here, with Wednesday's hottest games and movies submitted to the Portal:

Here are the runners up for the day (poor guys!)

  1. Braincross, by XYsquid
  2. Conjugate, by 1f1n1ty
  3. Shot Talk #3 - Joe Bowers - Disney, DreamWorks, Riot Games, by Shot-Talk
  4. A little ketchup please!, by Temariix
  5. 1930 Style Modern Robot Animation, by PsychoVdude13x

As always, we received a lot of great new submissions this week. Here are the top ten!

  1. Kratos and Son, by Rigamarole
  2. MUTT and CHOPPS, by AlmightyHans
  3. Surfing the Net, by JamesLee
  4. Encounter, by HowardWimshurst
  5. It's Just TIC TAC TWO, by xmatos
  6. First Kiss, by brewstew
  7. Omega: Episode 2, by JTmovie
  8. Somewhere Other: Good Going, by cecameron
  9. TRAPPED, by OblitusCS
  10. THE HEART OF THEM | Teaser Trailer, by mohdfikree

What does everyone think of these submissions?

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Response to Top entries from 07/10/2018! 2018-07-11 10:48:07 Reply

Congrats to the winners!

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Response to Top entries from 07/10/2018! 2018-07-11 13:58:22 Reply

Lots of shakers and makers today my fave of the day was Fish Bowl a nice submission but still congrats to all the winners and even runner ups


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Response to Top entries from 07/10/2018! 2018-07-12 12:37:23 Reply

The Top-5 submissions of today - albeit being very, very different from another - are all top-notch, and I'm rather sure that, on a different day, each of them may have easily become Daily 1st.

And I have to agree with XwaynecoltX, "Fish Bowl" was my fav entry of the day as well :)

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