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Just another corner...

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Response to Just another corner... 2020-02-09 21:49:51

lineart skills improving, narcissism levels increasing


It sucks that I still take so long on drawing (12h+ and I haven't even colored anything) but at least it looks clean. Use references people! Everything looks good when you do


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Response to Just another corner... 2020-02-11 05:55:39

I'm just going to keep spamming this thread until this gigantic piece is finished.

Free tip: crocodile scales look very similar to how dragon scales typically look like. I couldn't replicate it because I'm dumb but I might try again some other time


I love my fish waifu


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Response to Just another corner... 2020-02-15 21:41:05

I finished it!

Here are some of the closeups. Something I don't like about the NG art submission layout is its not very good for landscape orientation.

There are some grievances I have with the final result but overall, I think it's my best work so far!



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Response to Just another corner... 2020-05-22 13:45:20

Died for three months haha

I will return to art now, I think I'm done sulking. Not sure if anything changed during not posting, but I've been doing a lot of portraits and mimicking softer rendering styles (like some of MLeth's stuff)





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Response to Just another corner... 2020-06-15 21:34:08

Working on finishing something I've been chipping away for so long and it's looking good. In the mean time I did a quick one hour something redesign of the skin pattern for Myra over here. The old one looked too much like a one piece, too unnatural. The new one is better design-wise I think, cuts up the different colors of the skin to smaller sections.





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Response to Just another corner... 2020-10-05 05:51:53

I come back just in time for Halloween after missing out on so many events. Making a game with a friend this time, so hopefully it'll do better than my animations last year. It's been really exciting (plus I got him to make an NG account, yippee)


First time making the sprites I have no idea how to do pixel art so here's what happened. I think I'm doing better on the player character, but this one will probably still be used anyway. At least it works (sorta)


We're using RPGmaker but it won't be an RPG at all. Just a super simple "cute" little maze runner. The art assets will be almost 90% customized, at least for the maps (parallax mapped, I can't draw all the individual sprites lol) and the character sprites. I'm looking forward to Halloween this year!


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Response to Just another corner... 2020-10-13 21:46:02

The sprites have almost all been completed (minus some necessary polishing). Here's a bunny and the player character:



I jumped into making sprites completely blind (and still am lol). On the positive side it looks like we might actually finish what with all the rushing. My friend keeps panicking and it's making me panic too


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