Looking for a pixel artist for free

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Hello! I'm making a Made in Abyss game. If you're unfamiliar with MiA go watch it. It's an amazing anime.

Anyway, I'm developing the game as a gift to a friend so it's not going to be super professional and stuff. I hardly know how to code so I'm using some of the basics of RPG Maker. So far from what I have, it's turned out pretty alright. But I need some assets in order to make it really feel like the characters from the show/manga.

If you want to do this, I need you to draw these things.

- Monster Sprites over world and side view RPG battle
- Maybe some overworld tiles but I doubt it.
- Character sprite sheets based off of the default RPG Maker ones so the size matches up. (I've already made a good 10 minutes of the game using default sprites.)
- Character Avatar Heads (You know when a character talks and their avatar appears on the window. Gonna need 7 for different expressions each.
- Maybe parallax backgrounds but maybe not.

I think that's about it. There just so you know.

If you're interested you can contact me by DM
or Skype: Goombalo10
or email: goombalo10@gmail.com
or discord https://discord.gg/k8mMKTA

Thanks! You can be credited however you want.

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At 2/7/18 07:11 AM, Bellpop wrote: OMFG, just learn how to do it by yourself or pay someone to. why the fuck would anyone want to work for free to impress your friend. fucking kids!!!

hey, can you fuck off? k bye thx
this the collab forum, I dont know why you're here when you dont do anything

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