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1st Anual eXpect Awards

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1st Anual eXpect Awards 2017-08-24 15:31:06

eXpect in my Book is for the developers science... so when you see this symbol I hope you in- turn relate it to urban development and things to advance cultural and create peace...

with out further adue the awards serimona...

For the Best Pretend Hostage and for the Development of Counter Terrorism
Chelsea Clinton and your award is the dildo.
For the Best Pretend Terrorist Captivator for the Advancement of Don't Cry Wolf.
Marshal Mathews and your award is the dream of a dog food hut in heven.
For the Best REAL Preacher who never told anybody anything.
Kip Kean and your Award is the Silent Superman Preacher Award.
For the Best Real ex-girlfriend award to girl who stayed humble after her exboyfriend had an emotiomtioanl meltdown.
Annete Pettitt and your award is the life long soul support from you friend Jason and the ability to be the only one to shut him up by looking him in the eye and giving him an stern slap in the face,

Clap Clap Clap see you guys in court

The T-Technology of T-Tdoay Is the T-Technology of -Y-YOU But that Do -Y-Y-ou Even Know Who -Y-Y-ou Are.