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Seeking pgrammer, NSWF flash/unity

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Hello, I am Ace the SuperVillain,

I don't needa programmer, but I would be interested in working together if anyone is interested. PM me.

I have been working on a hentai arcade scrolling shooter with anthro characters. When I tried to add a big 3D video file to the game, Flash CS4 crashed its brains out. Now I need to start over with either FlashDevelop or Unity.

My plan is to get paid on Patreon. I've seen other hentai games like Panthea, SimBro, Elana Champion of Lust and Cloud Meadow that make $4,000 to $14,000 a month, and I'm a better artist than most of them. If you're a better programmer than they are, we can go far.

Here is a link to what I got done in Flash, if you want to see: There is also a link to the 3D video that caused Flash CS4 to crash.

And here is a demo of one the new characters:

Seeking pgrammer, NSWF flash/unity

Ace the SuperVillain

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