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Pokemon Heat Wave and Hail Storm

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{Note: There is more to come to the thread. We will soon be adding a fakemon section to show the fakemon of the game}

Planning Episode 1 Release: Summer 2017
(Still in early development stages)
Engine: RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials

In all the lores and myths of the Thapos region, Pokemon with such power had never been seen before. Pokemon with the power to cause destruction and re-create worlds. But because of their discovery, people have been after them for years. The citizens of the Thapos Republic, formed a great democratic government, under the influence of these Pokemon. Things went on well for a certain period of time. But then the Era of Darkness came, and Thapos has been shrouded by scams and schemes. People have decided to take advantage of this weakness in the government, and bring the people under them, so they can bring themselves to the top of the tower. Who will stop these people and bring back justice to the society? Only you can answer that question in Pokemon Heat Wave & Pokemon Hail Storm!

Explore the brand new Thapos region! Catch all new Pokemon, and build up your power to finish 1st place in the Thapos Regional Tournaments!  Fight the mischievous Team Blizzard and Blaze. And other things in Pokemon Heat Wave & Hail Storm!

We are introducing 3 new types! They are Cosmic, Light and Sound!

Also we will be revealing the secrets behind the mysterious storm form and what it is about. 

A whole new battle system for you to explore!

200 new fakemon for you to find and catch!

A new device, known as the Poke Pod!


Austin (Male Character)

Elizabeth (Female Character)

Professor Satasuma


Screen Shots:
(check reborn thread)
for pics

{Note: We will have some more screenshots once the tile set is done.}

__________________________________________________ _____________________________
We are currently looking for Spriters and Composers, if you would like to help just fill out the application!
Questions for application:
1. What position are you applying for?
2. Please provide some examples of your work.
3. What is your email?
4. What time zone do you live in?
Please email: to send an application for the game.
(check our pokemon reborn thread)

Electiwirez- Programming, writing

Dragon- Art, Pixel Art
Goo- Pixel Art
Pink/Purple- Pixel Art, Animation
Okami/Oskar- Art, Pixel Art, Overworlds
Littlestar- Art, Pixel Art, Advertising
Cloud- Pixel Art, Tiles
Veeke- Pixel art
Orion- Art
Seb- Pixel Art, Overworlds, Mapping
Kyepha- Art
Highrool- Pixel Art, Composing
Katrrina- Art
Umber- Pixel Art, Overworlds
Shin/B11- Art
Tim- Pixel Art
Starman- Pixel Art

Jenni- Composing, Story Revision
Duckter- Composing
Vampi- Composing
Gideon Max- Sound Effects

Wizzard- Story, Composing, Story

Avadorm- Story, website

Special thanks to the developers of Pokemon Essentials!

Pokemon is a trademark of Gamefreak, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company.