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Hello hello! currently i'm in a process of making a game based on my Comic, RE-BITE!
theme : futuristic
intake deadline : unlimited, will be closed once the members are full. MIGHT do a re-intake if any of our members are not able to continue.
script language : Javascript
game size : 960x640 px
you will be chosen if your creation fit the theme of the game.

intake for members to apply themselves as any of these :

• A concept artist (for drawing backgrounds, like a town, forest etc )

• Programmer : those who can use a lot interesting coding techniques ( bonus if you know how tyranobuilder work! )

• Music composer : A lot of techno-like music needed!

• Sound effects maker : example : a sound for an 'exit' button when clicked. etc.

p/s: This game will be published in Steam and newgrounds, and of course a paid game. i'll donate 5 dollar each weeks to each of my members til my paypal money runs out. Once the game manage to gain a lot of profits, it is guaranteed that each of my members will gain 600 USD each. I'll give more if you want/need it.

game info :

"This game i'm currently making is called 'RE-BITE', aka a horror game where a married, gay protagonists goes through their lives together. they kill, and they even devour their victims if they feel like it.
the main plot of this story is to help Louise ( one of the main protag, the 'wife' ) to achieve his dream to be a professional chef and win in a cooking tournament. there's this one continuous cooking battle season that was held once per 2 months. To win in those stuff, Louise decide to apply into a high-level cooking class in the city, and was submitted into a group. There, he met, Usakemi, Gourado, and a 'twin' (special character).

Louise will continue to work with his group until the tournament, but things just got interesting. A certain someone messes with Louise's temper and patient, (Be noted that Louise have his temper controlled well in a such a long range of time.) to the point he reactivate his psychotic tendencies."

contact me on FB :
or twitter :
and of course, in NG.