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Seriously problem with audio upload

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In order to make loop files one must not use mp3 cause of sample rate problems, it will have a small silence in the beginning and a small silence at the end, can we please get wav support for audio creations along with other formats of audio?


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Response to Seriously problem with audio upload 2017-03-27 11:28:03 Reply

I haven't had problems looping anything in the .mp3 format. Although some files are easier than others. Has to do with your DAW firsthand, then how you splice the loop. Yes, there is a small silence fore and aft because of how the format is encoded, but the NG player is capable of looping flawlessly even with that. Otherwise, why give us the option to loop?

That being said, I would love support for other formats, like .wav, .ogg, etc. Have you tried cutting your loops in Audacity?

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