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Looking to work with someone

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Hello everyone,

I am a college student but not as of right now(gap semester). I major in Computer Science. I am looking to work with for fun as a side project with somebody who has experience in the game development field

They could have me do whatever I want as a team in a game programming project.

I have studied the normal
Object oriented programming and Data Structures thus far. I have done photoshop. But for some reason I don't feel like I can't think of a exact idea and work on it from beginning to end.
So basically think of me as someone who is willing to helpout on a open source game project or something
maybe release it on new grounds or what not
I have used javascript, java and C++
(html, css)
due to school

yeah and heh heh, I have snooped on the site in the early 2000s got a sneak peak at those hentai sims boiiii
those were the memories. lol

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Response to Looking to work with someone 2017-04-15 13:07:12 Reply

Check your inbox buddy.

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Response to Looking to work with someone 2017-04-30 15:34:43 Reply

That sounds cool.
I'm a student as wel; studying software developer , I would like to make a little game for fun.
In 10 weaks I will be a second year student. I speak C# and other web languages.
Is there stil interest?

Tijmen Bechger (the Netherlands)