Looking to re-score old animations!

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After hearing that Pico's School was recently re-scored by @RealFaction it got me thinking that I should re-score some old animations that I don't have the music rights to.

I went to go bring up my old animation, Goat Trip, only to learn that I have a couple animations that have been unpublished due to copyright claims! I didn't realize they were unpublished, and would love to be able to re-add them back to the site. These date back to something like 2008, so it's a shame to be missing them from my catalog.

Here are the ones that I think would be the best candidates for re-scoring:
Goat Trip (one of my first "successes" on Newgrounds. It won an Underdog of the Week, and still has some charm to it)
I Hate Snowmen (this was very experimental for me at the time, and I think it showed a lot of growth compared to earlier animations of mine)
Bounce (not a great animation to begin with - but I could alter it to loop instead, and remove/change the crappy lip synching)

Unfortunately I can't offer any payment, so this would purely be practice/ for fun from the musician. I will edit the files and project page to provide full credit - but nothing monetary :(

Thank you all!


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I will take up this challenge (if you want me)! That goat is cute and those snowmen 100% deserved to die. Bounce would be super hard to rewrite because it's clear you wrote the animation to the song, so I'm not sure what you want to do with that one. Do you want similar music to what is in all the animations currently? I am capable of writing cutie pie flute/acoustic guitar music for sure, but I'm not too good at ripping metal guitar, although I have a bud who can do super cool metal stuff if that's what you're after, (I'm not sure if he works for free): TSR Band

I can do some metal type stuff. I actually uploaded a rough thing today which you can check out and see if you like it: Metal Type Thing I did (am I allowed to post links? :O)

Otherwise, give me some reference tracks and I can try to get on it if you feel I am capable of it (you'll need to listen to a song or two of mine to know, I suppose?)

Keep well.


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Response to Looking to re-score old animations! 2016-12-03 03:18:35

I have something in the making that could fit I hate Snowmen.
I'll send you a link to it soon.