Halloween Collab 2016

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I'm depressed, but I'll just try and get over it. The show must go on.
I'm doing a Halloween Collab
- Must have good audio and visual quality
- Can be funny or scary, but must be horror-themed
- Resolution must be 1920x1280
- No nudity
- No copyrighted music or material in general tbh
- Send them as an MP4 file to my email Cosmicchristv@gmail.com
For the people who join, me and @JK-FlipFlop can help you with music
And if you need some good voice actors, here's some: @trinatan (female) and @freakinbehemoth (male)
I hope you decide to join and that this collab turns out to be very good.

Also, this was already a thread I did, but I wasn't serious about now I am so if you wanna lock one of the threads, lock the old one

Response to Halloween Collab 2016 2016-10-05 08:54:47

Isn't the resolution way too high?