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Mobile Layout Suggestions Thread

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Response to Mobile Layout Suggestions Thread 2017-10-04 02:03:09 Reply

At 12/24/16 11:18 AM, TomFulp wrote: Most of the animated content is video format now so you should be able to view and vote for that on your phone. When the voting overhaul finally goes live, you'll be able to get points voting on art and music too. Voting should be rendered bigger / easier on mobile too.

I realize this is an old post, but am super excited about this. I feel like that kid on a road trip going "Are we there yet?!" Please poke me when this happens. I will rejoice copiously.

I thought I'd pop in to mention the recent updates to the mobile layout have been perfect with one exception. Now I can't vote on games because they pop up in another window on my Galaxy. Sometimes also in Opera. This was also mentioned in the EGB earlier.

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