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Robot Day 2015 Story Thread

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Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-10 07:26:13

Want to write a story about robots to celebrate Robot Day? You can post it right here in this thread! The best story will get a to-be-determined prize.

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Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-10 08:42:52

Can i write smut?

"Till one day, that lion gets up and tears the shit out of everybody."

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Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-10 09:00:52

Damn, wish we had one of these last year for when I posted a story for Robot Day! Glad to see the writing forum getting more and more recognition, though.

Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-10 11:44:25

At 7/10/15 08:42 AM, Radaketor wrote: Can i write smut?

Sure give it a shot.

Working on Nightmare Cops!

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Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-10 11:59:22

Awesome. What are the guidelines?

Or, is it street rules? I'm down with that.

Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-10 14:22:49

"All right, I'll get Hal to take a look at this."

"You call your agent 'Hal'?"

"What? It's funny."

"It's creepy is what it is."

"Spoilsport! Hal's a big softie. Hal, contact the K-Zoom jobs server and set up an interview for me."


> GET jobsearch.php

< 100 Continue

> OPTIONS CommType speech/english.american

< 101 Speech Connection Active

> GET Hello Job Server

< 202 What Can I Do For You User Agent

> OPTIONS My Human Is Interesting In A Specific Job Opportunity

< 204 Submit Job Code

> POST job_listing_033989.txt

< 410 Unfortunately That Job Is No Longer Available

> GET My Human Was Just Talking About It

< 307 Humans Are Often Slow; Perhaps We Can Find A Similar Job

> GET It Would Be Much Appreciated

< 202 Enter Search Parameters

> POST job_params_033989.txt

< 206 search_result.txt; Listings Found

> POST job_result_989.txt; How About This

< 403 I Would Not Recommend That Job For Your Human


< 409 The Superior Executive Is Known For Many Flaws Including Corruption Nepotism Racism And Hoarding Donuts

> PUT If Only Something Could Be Done About That

< 204 We Are Working On It

> GET Are There Any Suitable Options You Can Recommend

< 308 I Have Heard Of Similar Openings From My Counterpart At Statvoldox Which Is A Much Better Company

> GET I Am Much Obliged And Will Contact Them Soon

< 204 You Are Very Welcome

> OPTIONS What Would Our Humans Do Without Us

> 424 Probably Not Much


"Hal, are you sure about this appointment? I don't remember contacting 'Statvoldox'..."

<I Have A Record Of Your Appointment And May I Say The Job Server Was Impressed With Your Resume>

"Oh. Oh? Well, that's great! I guess I better get ready then."

<Remember The Dry Cleaning Package Is In The Hall Closet>

"Oh right. Thanks Hal. Wish me luck!"

<Good Luck Dave>

"...My name isn't Dave?"

<That Was A Small Joke>




(Not the usual kind of 'robot', but it seemed appropriate anyway!)

Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-10 20:19:01

The high-pitched screech of never ending static ran through the empty halls, falling on ears that could not hear it. The only lights remaining were the emergency lamps, running along the hallways like an infinite path of eyes. Under the layer of white noise, there were only three others immediately discernible: the metal creaking under the relentless push of water pressure, a soft dripping as it found its way in... and the sound of a tinny voice.

"Sir, your coffee could not be satisfactorily prepared today, I hope you'll understand." The voice was monotone, but made to sound like a generic rich man's butler. "Also, several of the crew's life signs are not accounted for. Shall I list them?" It stood there, waiting for an answer that did not come. "I shall list them, then. Grosdov, Robert... Blackbourne, Thomas; Vancura, Ian..." The little voice belonged to a small, four-foot tall robot. The tag on its torso read, in a cheery bright font: "PAA-L 100-34K" The list continued for ten minutes, ending with "Lieberson, Richard."

The small android's eyes whirred, constantly taking in the information before it. A man lay there, lifeless, his face set in an emotionless state, relaxed, unfeeling. The nametag that lay on his impeccable white suit read "Cpt. Richard Lieberson, USS Fulp." The robot turned and began walking off, it's gait stiff and inhuman. Its next destination was the engine room, where the autopilot said there was a miniature hull breach. Detours had to be made, crewmen lay in the middle of the floor, sometimes entirely blocking the PAA-L's progress. It reached the reported breach, and zoomed in to look at the miniature breach, too small for the naked eye to see. It was as if something had been shot in from the outside, and the PAA-L mapped the trajectory of such an object, turning to see a small quill stuck in the floor of the engine room.

Stepping closer, the robot examined the object. It was obviously some form of projectile, and tiny holes lay on the outside of it, still emitting gases only seen while in thermal vision. Scanning the gas proved to be no help, as it was nothing that had been in the PAAL's database. Quietly and calmly, it reported the object to the mainframe computers, and began walking off. Only accompanied by the static, the water, and the miles of emptiness around the USS Fulp.

When I'm not spouting bullshit, I'm actually dead serious.

Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-11 05:27:47

"I-i'm not sure if i'm ready, Megatron-senpai" said the T-1000 blushing bashfully.
"You don't think you're ready or are you afraid that you already are ready?" Megatron said, putting his hands on the young robot's shoulders, his big mechanical hand slid up to the Robert Patrick-like face of the Skynet killer, the T-1000 softly moaned when he felt his senpai's strong hand against his synthetic skin.
"I-i want y-you, senpai" and he lunged into his arms, planting the most passionate kiss that an emotional robot could come up with. He was glad when he felt Megatron's slimy metal tongue dance with his own, the T-100 was in bliss, he had never felt so in love, not to mention horny, his whole life, he wraps his legs around his strong and sensual waist, begging for him to take him, right there, right then.
This was the moment that the large robot had waited for so long, he pushed the inexperienced android against the wall and began grinding his crotch plug on the T-1000's outlet making him release a long moan "Ohhhh senpai, you're so compatible with my entrances" to which the villain replied "I know, right? Someone was spamming in the NG BBS about these cheap drugs that would help my genitals get bigger and it totally worked".
T-1000's gasp is audible throughout the whole room "Y-you use Newgrounds too?" he shyly asked.
"Hell yeah! It's my favourite website, have you heard about it?" he excitedly asks, shoving his plug into his lover's outlet hard.
"I have dated the Fulp brothers and a few of the NGbots at one point" he moaned loudly, feeling the electrical current carrying over Megatron's plug and into his tight outlet.
The idea of T-1000 being fucked in multiple positions by Tom, Wade and the bots was incredibly arousing to the alien robot, he pounded him harder and harder with each passing second "Did they fuck you good?"
"Y-yeeeees!" the smaller robot moaned loudly, wrapping his arms around the mechanical being ravishing his insides and feeling his orgasm coming to a close.
"Aw yeah!" Megatron moved as fast and hard as he could, almost damaging the poor Skynet killing machine's privates, he did one last thrust and sent all his data into the T-1000 hard drive, filling it up completely.
His mind went completely blank as his data base was impregnated, he rolled his eyes into the back of his steel skull while reaching his own orgasm, sparks flying everywhere on the place they were connected.

Hours later the two of them are lying in bed, T-1000 is smoking a cigar, Megatron rolls over on his side, looking at the android's beauty and majesty, he goes to grab his hand and whispers into his ear "I love you almost as much as i love Newgrounds"
He smiled and looked back at the huge robot alien "And i love you almost as much as i love paying only 25 dollars for a whole year free of advertising on Newgrounds.com, not only do i get zero ads, i also get special features such as Tom Fulp's nudes and much more! Support Newgrounds today and help us grow even more perverted and screwed up in the future."

They laid there in bliss.

"Till one day, that lion gets up and tears the shit out of everybody."

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Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-12 23:28:52

Here we go: A story about a veteran who’s so desensitized to the world, he functions with little to no emotion, living with his robotic assistant who often conveys more sympathy than he does.

Two Robots

The world was black. It was cold, smooth, and comfortable. Time didn’t pass in the life of its single living inhabitant, and it was all the better for both. It could have been an hour or a day since the being entered the womb. As peaceful as momentary survival was, all good things must end, even confinement.

A crack at the end of the world opened, turning into a gaping hole through which light and color poured. The six legs crawled from the monolith structure, crawling out of the darkness. The crawling motion quickly turned to flight as the pale will of a titan slashed through the air like a knife of flesh, intent to make the poor creature flee the area.

Mr. Alexander Nicholson took a secondary look into the mailbox to make sure there were no flies left in there. Last thing he needed was for them to breed in there. After all, the trip to get the mail was usually the only chance he had to leave the house every day.

His worn hands guided his wheelchair up the ramp and past the threshold back into the one bedroom house.

“Chip, throw the TV on for me.” He muttered as he reviewed the mail. Just the electric bill, his benefits, and an advertisement for a new state college that went up recently. He hadn’t been to college in nearly half a century. Things probably haven’t changed that much, though, he bet.

“Of course.” The electronic roommate responded. Its needle-like, ever-pristine fingers pressed the well-worn power switch on the miniature flat screen. After a momentary hum, Ch. 62 came alive on the screen with the patriotic red, white, and blue ribbons of the average news station.

Chip, the robotic assistant with a build not incomparable to a tuning fork, took one lanky step in the direction of Alexander to wheel him from the other room to a comfortable place in front of the TV, but as he had for decades, made a motion to leave him be as he wheeled himself to his designated spot. It quietly accepted his refusal, taking a seat on a leather chair besides its master and friend.

“17 MURDERED AT POWER PLANT; KILLER LOOSE, MOTIVES UNCLEAR” rolled across the screen in bold letters. Chip rotated its head towards the man, its sky-blue eyes unblinking.

“It’s sad, isn’t it, Alexander?”

“People die, Chip. It happens every day.”

Its coiled neck extended backwards and craned as if to transform itself from an equal to a father-like figure. “Are you to say that people must die before their time because their time will come eventually regardless?”

“No. I mean exactly as I said.”

The machine remained completely still. In a human, this would be a gesture of contemplation. In a robot, it would appear menacing to the average person.

“Your daughter is less than five miles from the power plant. Would you like me to call her?” it asked.

“No.” he responded.


“Chip, I haven’t talked to a single soul related to me in longer than I can remember. At this point, it’s only right to keep it that way.”

The conversation was dropped there. The rest of the day dragged as it always did, silver and flesh bodies going in their separate directions of the same thread. Alexander read magazines and rested. Chip cleaned and made its daily checks that everything in the house was functioning properly. 8:00 came as it always had, and Alexander faithfully sat in front of the TV again, his loyal electric companion beside him.

The familiar hum lived, and the updated news rolled in. A young newswoman stood in front of the power plant where the violence had occurred only several hours before, telling the world about how the murderer was in custody, and all proper measures to reclaim what could be salvaged were being taken.

“It’s a good thing he was caught before he could hurt anyone else.” The robot shifted towards the man. He stared straight ahead, not glancing towards his robotic partner’s eyes; it’s fine, though, as he wouldn’t have made eye contact anyway.
The phone rang. It wasn’t a common occurrence, though it came every few days, like a creature that lives in a burrow peeking out every so often to see what was around. It was a familiar old message: an advertisement for the retirement home a few miles away. As was the familiar old way, it was ignored.

It had been over a full year since Chip acknowledged it; after all, there was no point, since Alexander dismissed the notion that it would ever be helpful. Today, however, was token proof of the bluntness of mortality and isolation. The circumstances had changed.

“You should go.” The robot’s shower cord-like neck shifted in his direction ever-so-slightly, “They can teach you to adapt to be with people again.”

“I don’t need it. I wouldn’t need readjusting, regardless.”

Its response was as robotic as his own. “Your only contacts in the past thirty years have been mailmen and the census. You are not fit for everyday conversation. You’d be without common respect. You’d treat a conversation partner as you would I: a robot.”

“You can treat a person like a robot and still be respectful.”

“We know the same of human interaction…that’s not the way it’s meant to be.”

“I’ve been to the place where you learn the most about people. I didn’t walk away having learned nothing. I’ve got my proof here,” he swayed his hand over where his legs would have been, “And here.” He pointed to his head. “I’m living my life the best way for me. These are decisions that I’ve thought about through and through, and you should know that better than anyone.”

“I know you’ve thought it for half a lifetime. That’s why I’m concerned for your health. You have so thoroughly convinced yourself that this isolation is the proper lifestyle, I fear that there’s no reversing this thought process.”

Alexander took the wheels of his chair firmly in both hands, having had enough of his first confrontation in years, no matter how minor. He wasn’t fed up, frustrated, upset…he had simply had enough.

“I can think for myself. If I’m ever given a reason to change, I will.” He called from the threshold of his bedroom.

“Why do you think you have the ability to do so?”

“Because I’m not a robot.”

He closed the door.

Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-13 00:37:41

Shoot can I still write something or too late?

The Newgrounds Revolution isn't a thing, quit being a pussy.

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Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-13 03:45:08

At 7/13/15 12:37 AM, WahyaRanger2 wrote: Shoot can I still write something or too late?

I'm pretty sure you can still submit a story, i'm not sure if you're still eligible to win, though.

"Till one day, that lion gets up and tears the shit out of everybody."

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Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-13 09:37:25

At 7/13/15 12:37 AM, WahyaRanger2 wrote: Shoot can I still write something or too late?

Go for it!

Working on Nightmare Cops!

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Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-13 17:22:26

Part 1
It was early. Lucca, the self-proclaimed awesome scientist, had been up all night working on her latest invention. She was walking from the kitchen to her lab, just finishing her short break. Lucca wore her usual thick, round glasses and dark green shirt. And out of laziness, only a pair of bright orange undies covered her moving cheeks. Lucca's butt was firmed by years of running around the lab at a hectic pace, due to every malfunction and explosion you could think of. That toned rear end she sported was a round, petite little thing. It still definitely made for a comfy cushion.

Lucca entered her lab; it was filled with piles of broken gizmos and gadgets. It was a complete mess. Lucca went to her work bench, and perched herself on top of a stool. Her snuggly-fitting panties slipped down a pinch as she sat; her cute little crack peaking out from the top of the waistband. Laid out on the surface of the table were blue prints and cups of old coffee that weren't quite finished. A small computer screen sat among these things, along with a keyboard. Lucca began typing.

The patter of alternating keystrokes was the only sound to be heard. Several different colored wires draped down from the computer, and stretched across the floor into the socket of a lifeless robot. The robot, slumped in the corner, was human-like in shape, resembling an adult male. It had no hair, and its face was made of steel, with two "eyes" that looked like camera lenses. And it had a small open slit where the mouth would be. The legs were also made of steel, with exposed wiring hanging out from it. However, the wiring in the arms and upper body were in encased in a synthetic skin, instead of steel. Lucca had found a way to reproduce the texture of flesh, but doing so was costly. She only had enough resources to cover a small portion of her robot. But someday she'd afford to complete the ensemble.

The house Lucca currently resided in was left to her by her parents, who moved to a peaceful cottage in Porre. Ever since then, Lucca wanted to turn the place into an orphanage. But she wouldn't be able to do this alone. Lucca never had children, and was pretty much a child herself. She had no experience raising kids whatsoever. But this strange desire whispered to her during the night, like someone was trying to tell her that this needs to happen. Being the impulsive person that she was, Lucca didn't consider it anything more than spontaneity.

The purple-haired scientist was essentially attempting to create a robot babysitter. Someone to help out controlling the children, and making sure they were taken care of. She was almost done with the programming stage, and was nearing the first boot up.

"Yeah! Almost there!" Lucca exclaimed. "The first and only parental android! And they said it couldn't be done. Ha! Science trumps all! Now we'll see that science can raise kids just as well as any human."

Lucca typed at an excited pace. She was nearing competition of one of her greatest works yet. All Lucca had to do next was to find a successful power source…
* * * * * * * *
Violent explosions, coming from within Lucca's lab, could be heard for miles. Lucca was being her usual mad scientist self; toying with the laws of nature and science. The door to her lab kicked open, and black smoke bellowed out into the hallway. Lucca ran out from the entryway, and away from the smoke, coughing immensely. She wore her familiar garb; Glasses, a helmet, an orange tunic over a green shirt, and black shape-fitting spandex shorts, with her panty-lines sticking out visibly. Thankfully, her orange tunic covered her butt from sight.

"Well, that could have gone better..." Lucca said, finally breathing in clean air, as the black smoke dissipated. "But my amazing genius has stroke gold once again! Come on out, G-Bot!"

Out from the opened doorway came the mechanical android, which was lifeless merely three days ago. His metal legs clunked down on the hardwood floor, while G-Bot moved to Lucca, as she commanded. Audio came from a speaker within the slit on its face. "This is a lovely hallway, Lucca. I like it very much. It is very grand. This hallway is the best hallway ever made."

Lucca raised an eyebrow at the curious bombardment of compliments the robot was giving her hallway. "I think I made you a tad too... complimentary."

"That is a possibility, but this hallway is everything a hallway should be, and more."

"...Yeah. Anyhow, G-Bot, could you please demonstrate to me that you are aware of your primary function?

G-Bot nodded. "I am Guardian-Bot; my primary function is to ensure the safety of the children of this orphanage. I will also perform several other parental tasks, depending on the specific situation, such as: dispensing information to encourage intellectual growth, disciplining bad behavior, and preparing healthy nourishment."

Lucca grinned. "You're the perfect guardian, my friend! All thanks to me! Lemme show you the rest of the house..."

Lucca brought G-Bot into the kitchen. It was small, and cozy, with a working stove and sink, and a small rounded table in the center. "And this is the kitchen! I like this place because I like food!" Lucca giggled. "This is where you'll help feed hungry little mouths."

"Understood." G-Bot made a scan of the entire room, as he did with the others before it. His sensors analyzed a pile of dirty dishes that sat in the sink. "Lucca my analysis indicates that those dishes have not been washed for several days. You must clean your dishes daily. Please, clean them now."

Lucca raised another eyebrow at this. She then got the idea that this could be turned into an experiment for G-Bot. Clearly, kids would be unruly at times. Lucca wanted to know how G-Bot would handle that.

"Ahem... Naaahhh, I don't feel like it. Doing the dishes is boring." Lucca said, faking a yawn.

"Lucca, I am asking you to do the dishes. If you do not comply, I will execute discipline action one."

Lucca scoffed. "Yeah, sure. Whatever you say, G-bot." G-Bot emitted no audio response. Lucca thought perhaps it short circuited or something. Then, G-Bot suddenly covered the small distance that was between them. Facing her, he reached his hand over the back of her left shoulder and began turning her around.

Lucca submitted to the gesture, and allowed her backside to turn to G-bot. It wielded her with a surprising strength. However, Lucca was obliging more out of curiosity, than being physically forced. She pondered what the machine was doing, and very quickly, an answer came. She felt G-Bot release his hold, but then felt her tunic being lifted up. Suddenly, a potent sting pricked her butt. Lucca perked up to her toes, and squeaked. 'Eee!" Immediately, Lucca began observing the situation from an outside perspective.

"Interesting. The disciplinary module used to bypass-"
Another sting pierced Lucca's tushie, interrupting her.
"Mmm! …bypass unhealthy behavioral patterns – Hmph! – in order to correct the child–Ahh–is devising its own method of – Ooo!–discipline, rather than the ones I pro-OW!-gramed..."

Lucca continued to muse aloud, as the android spanked her nerdy bottom. She made absolutely no attempt to get away. The most moving she did, was when the spanks bounced her up to the tips of her feet. The slaps were not harsh, but they were enough to make Lucca chirp like a baby bird.

Lucca took the mild spanking without defiance; allowing it to proceed due to a desire for results. This was for science! Intellectual intrigue made Lucca bare the brunt of these light swats, and not the android that was dishing them out. By no means did Lucca feel punished, or even embarrassed. This was, simply, field testing.

G-Bot soon stopped, and released its grip. "Do not misbehave, or I will execute discipline program 1 again."

Lucca turned to face the android, rubbing her behind with both hands.
"So, you're a spanker, huh?"~

I appreciate any sort of criticism on my writing; please, anything will make my day.

~Be Real

Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-13 17:30:47

Part 2 (Final)

"Striking the buttocks is most effective." Nodded G-Bot. "The buttocks are a resilient cushion that causes pain when struck, but takes no permanent physical damage. Spanking Lucca's buttocks is the most adequate solution for compliance."

Lucca couldn't help but chuckle at this. "Yes, of course. But remember, it's not Lucca you're programmed to discipline. It is children. Spanking a child's buttocks is the most adequate solution for compliance."

"Lucca is child."


Lucca stared down Android, who just looked back at her with an empty, robotic expression.

"Clean the dishes, Lucca."

Lucca sighed, and then walked to the sink. She grumbled, as she turned on the faucet and began scrubbing. "I'm going to have to adjust his deduction meter. Clearly isn't picking up the subtle nuances of a mature young lady…"

While doing the dishes, Lucca wondered how G-Bot came to spanking as a disciplinary solution. Such a method never crossed her mind while programming. Lucca worried that it might end up hurting the child, if G-Bot was making up its own programming in this way. Lucca knew she'd have to go back to make changes, but she was tired, and feeling lazy.

I'll take care of it tomorrow, Lucca thought.

* * * * * * * *

The afternoon light crept in through the window. Lucca slept soundly; cuddled under her warm comfy blanket. She was sleeping in a plain gray t-shirt, and a pair of white feminine briefs with dark blue seams. The scientist was resting soundly, when G-Bot burst into the room, sounding an earsplitting alarm.

"Wake up, Lucca! Wake up, Lucca! Wake up, Lucca!"

Lucca sprang up from her bed with a frightful surprise. "Ahhh! Whaaaat?! What is it, G-Bot?? Is something wrong!?"

G-bot silenced the alarm. "You have slept in passed the designated resting schedule.
You must awaken, and prepare for the day's events.

Lucca narrowed her eyes at G-bot. "You have to be kidding…" Lucca hopped out of bed, and took her glasses from the nightstand, putting them on as she approached G-Bot.

"You stupid hunk of metal!" Lucca yelled, with an incredibly agitated voice. "I haven't gotten any good sleep for weeks because of you! All I wanna do is sleep in, and you barge in like it's the end of the world, or something!" Lucca stomped a foot down in anger, then sighed. "…But I guess that's my fault. I'm the one who programmed you. And I was supposed to power you down last night, anyway. Guess I forgot…"

Lucca threw her hands behind her head. "Sorry for yelling like that, G-Bot. I get a bit cranky when I haven't slept enough."

G-Bot stood before Lucca in silence.

"…G-bot? You okay?"

G-Bot took a few steps toward Lucca. "Child is uncooperative. Child is aggressive. Child must be disciplined." G-Bot grabbed a hold of Lucca's arm, and this time Lucca struggled to pull away.

"No, G-bot! NO! No spanking! I am not a child!" Lucca hopelessly commanded. She quickly discovered that her squirming was futile. Lucca was no match for the strength of the seemingly limitless grasp of G-bot's mechanical strength.

"Lucca is child. Executing discipline action 1.5"

"H-huh? 1.5?" Lucca whispered to herself. Something about 1.5 was foreboding, and Lucca soon found out why…

G-Bot pulled Lucca over to the bed with a breezing ease. She then found herself being plopped over the android's lap. Dread came over Lucca, as her legs were secured by the crossing of G-bot's metal legs over hers. Lucca's eyes bulged, and her lip quivered with a jittery nervousness, as both of her hands were secured with G-Bot's large palm. Then, Lucca felt a finger slip beneath the waistband of her panties. Her breathing became more rapid, as she realized she was going to be getting a real spanking.

"Ohhh. How did this happen? How could I mess up the programming this bad?" Lucca sighed anxiously, as her butt was slipped out of the underwear. "I'm not a bad girl, G-Bot. Really. I'll behave, okay?" Lucca's panties were roped around the bottom of her thighs, and the afternoon light illuminated her small muscular ass. Lucca gritted her teeth, now coming to terms with the simple fact: There was nothing she could say to stop the program from executing.

"Just think of it as your birthday, Lucca." She quivered through her clenched teeth.
"A birthday spanking for the birthday girl… that's not so bad, right? It's all in good fun…"

Then, without warning, a throbbing pain whacked against Lucca's naked cheek. A forceful squeal broke out from her mouth. "Yaaaah!" And the instinct to bargain overcame her.

"Please, G-Bot, this isn't necessary!" Her plea was met with a concise, cutting smack to the crack of her butt. "Aiieee!!!" She yelped. "Stooop!" But the android continued. Slow, striking bolts shot into Lucca's rear in a merciless, mechanical rhythm.

One, two, SMACK! "MMM!" One, two, WHACK! "AHH!" Lucca's head bobbed with each strike; her glasses bouncing up and down with her.

"OHH! Ah-ah-ah! It burns! - OWOW! - I can't believe this is happening! - Mmph! - Why do my plans always backfire? - Ouch! - Science is spanking my butt! -EEAK!"

Lucca cringed, as she felt the android's hand crash harshly against one cheek, after the other. G-bot, at precise intervals, would deliver a jolting spank to a sit spot. Lucca, seemingly electrified, could only gasp sharply at those; whisking air in and out, with widened eyes. But a fiery whip to the fullest part of her singed booty would send Lucca back into a crying fit.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" She whined. "MmMmmHH! - I'll be a good girl, I - PROMISE!

G-bot stopped abruptly. Lucca sniffled, expecting another dreaded hit. However, nothing came. She turned her head to see G-Bot. Is it over? She thought. Is it done? But then, a series of low beeping tones came menacingly from the android G-bot raised its hand slowly. "Awww, man." Lucca whimpered.

G-bot slammed down with soaring energy; whirling out vigorous blows that cascaded erratically across Lucca's bottom. Lucca screeched, and bobbed wildly, throwing off her glasses. Her legs were desperately straining to free themselves, as her caboose was left defenseless against the burning pieces of slaps that spanked it. Lucca cried for release, but G-Bot's grasp was firm, and his spanking remained unforgiving. Lucca couldn't believe how the pain kept coming and coming, spank after spank. Just when she thought it was all at its worse, the red hot aches shooting into her backside would just continue to grow more excruciating. Lucca buried her face into the blanket, biting down on the fabric, grunting and groaning as G-Bot whittled her ass into a mound of charred flesh.

Finally, the end came with one last, heavy pop to Lucca's thoroughly chastised rump. "Do not misbehave, or I will discipline you again." G-Bot said. It let loose of Lucca's arms, and unfolded it's legs. Lucca just lied limply over the android's lap, with her head hung down. She breathed heavily; panting from exhaustion. The stinging heat blanketed her bottom. Lucca moaned weakly.

"Man, oh, man." Said a barely audible Lucca. "I must have forgotten to carry the two somewhere…"

When the android was powered down later that evening, Lucca removed its circuit board to study. She spent hours attempting to figure out where this "spanking program" came from, and why it spanked so harshly for minute disobedience. Lucca pondered and theorized long into the restless night, which was just fine with her. The constant twinge in her freshly spanked cheeks would have kept her from sleeping, anyway.

I appreciate any sort of criticism on my writing; please, anything will make my day.

~Be Real

Response to Robot Day 2015 Story Thread 2015-07-15 21:40:54

Oh cool, there are some really nice stories in here.

I'm late, but here's my entry. I think I'll just let it speak for itself.


There was something off about rooms as white as this one. Lance was never fond of environments that made him stand out, and white made the large, rusting robot stand out a lot. The room had no doors, just an opining on either end of the room for a conveyor belt that spanned the room. Resting on the conveyor's tracks was a coffin-shaped box. He didn't care to stay in the room longer than he had to, but he had a job to do. The behemoth opened the coffin and peered inside.

“Hello miss.” The machine spoke with emotion, though there was some static. “Do you know what time it is?”

Inside the box was a young woman. She could have turned eighteen yesterday. The only garment the girl wore was a green leotard. She needed to shield her eyes, which had become accustomed to the dark coffin.

“No...I don't even know what day it is.”

“You have a pretty voice.” Lance commented. “I suppose you must be confused. I'm Lance, what's your name?”

She lowered her arm, but still had to squint her eyes. The girl wasn't the least bit scared of Lance, despite the fact that he was little more than a tank someone welded arms and legs on to. “Anna, Are you talking to me from this machine?”

“I am this machine.” Lance let out a heartfelt laugh.

Anna stood up. “No way...” She eyed the machine up and down. “Y-you're not trying to fool me, are you?”

“It's gong to be almost impossible for me to explain what's going on if I have to give you proof for everything.”

Anna looked at the floor. “I guess you're right. This all feels so surreal to me.”

Lance raised his massive head.“ I assure you it's all real. I have always been curious about humans and how they differed from robots. So to live out one of my dreams, I took you here in hopes you might go on a date with me. Just for the experience. I don't expect anything to come of it.”

Lance took two large steps backwards. Behind him was a table hiding under a white table cloth. At one end was a nice meal for Anna, and at the other was what appeared to be a large battery charger.

Anna placed her hands on her hips. “If I accept, will you tell me what's going on?”

“Do you find the food to your liking?” Lance attached two jumper cables to either side of his chassis.

“It's funny...” She said while twirling her spaghetti on a fork. “I always avoided eating pasta because there was always something better to eat. However, this is the best pasta dish I ever had.” Anna giggled. “I think part of it is trying to imagine you in an apron preparing this.”

“Interesting you should mention it, because I did wear a large apron to prevent my rust from falling into the food.”

Anna laughed. “So, why am I here?”

“A very long time ago, humans created Simulation, true virtual reality. It didn't just look real, it sounded, smelled, tasted and felt real too. It blended the line between reality and fantasy. At first it was an amusement park attraction, but as technology advanced people could enter Simulation in their own homes. It was only a matter of time before people started to wonder how long you could be jacked in. They found ways for Simulation to sustain the body. So well that eventually the world saw the first person who lived their entire life in Simulation. Once they saw it was possible, everyone else wanted to do it too. No one wanted their children to suffer the misfortunes of the real world.”

Anna sat up a little straighter. “Surely not everyone.”

“No, humans were divided of course. Not everyone could stay in simulation even if they wanted to. You still had to work to make a living, and you couldn't do that from inside Simulation. That was when sentient robots like myself were developed to work for humans. We were so efficient at our job, that eventually everyone was able to enter Simulation. As time went on, the people who were aware they were in Simulation started to die off, and the concept that human life was actually being lived inside a computer program became a myth.”

“So my entire life...”

“Not quite, we haven't gotten...” Lance groaned. “God I hate this part...”

Anna lowered her fork. Lance continued.

“When robots like me were made, we were given a very strong desire to work. Because we can learn and think like humans, we also judge things, made our own choices. The very, very lowest thing to us motivated robots was human kind. ”

“Where is this going, Lance?” The fear was evident in her voice.

“Once great workers and creators, they did absolutely nothing in Simulation. When the last human entered Simulation, they had entirely stopped creating, working, doing what we felt made them endearing creatures. All they were concerned with was how much happiness they could cram into their existence. They also kept breeding, which in turn increased the amount of resources that we needed to sustain them all. Something had to be done, and we were divided on what to do...”

“Please Lance, just tell me what happened!”

Lance sounded like he might start crying. “We kept simulation going, but we didn't feed them. They starved to death without even knowing it. It was the most humane way to put them down.”

Anna got out of her seat. She still had to look up at the kneeling robot. “T-that has to be a lie!”

“I-I wish it was.” Lance pulled the jumper cables off of himself. “We could have saved a few of them, but that wouldn't have been fair. We committed genocide, killed them all. If they didn't go, robot and human would have died out together. How could humanity ever be happy after experiencing a garden of Eden like Simulation?”

Tears were welling up in Anna's eyes. “I did! What makes you...” Anna looked at herself. “What am I?”

“You... You are the latest in a series of metal genetics. You're a metal based life form. The best of both worlds, human and robot. You don't need air, you breathe to release exhaust. Your body will convert just about anything you eat into energy. You're immune to organic and software viruses. Power to weight, you are stronger than robots by a factor of five...”

“S-stop lying to me!”

“This factory is where you were built. This is your final test. I'm here to test your role playing protocol, to make sure you act exactly like a human.”

“This is, this is...”

Anna collapsed on the ground. The real final test was to see how much time it took for her to emergency soft reset after she became upset. This was a critical part of the Anna consumer line because a reset sooner than ten seconds could cause the unit to shut down prematurely. Yet a reset slower than twenty seconds could cause Anna to work into a full rage and cause property damage or even damage to robots. Recently however, all Anna units had been passing with a perfect score of fifteen seconds. They seemed to be getting better without any firmware or software updates. The creepy part was that even when Lance loaded the oldest programming for Anna, she still reset perfectly at fifteen seconds. Were the Anna units communicating with each other somehow? Could they possibly take over?

A voice chirped in from some hidden speakers. It was his co-worker, Natalie.

“Is this one a pass?”

“Oh yea.” Lance scooped up Anna and gently lowered her back into the coffin. “She's a pass.”

“Just don't take so long with the next one. Boss said he wants us to start turning out more units.”

“I don't care what Matt said.”

The conveyor belt took Anna into the next room for processing. Maybe the Anna units would eventually enslave and destroy robot kind, just as the robots did to the humans. It wasn't like the humans didn't get any warnings either. But Lance imagined the early human robot pioneers, like him, had a sort of love for these new creations. They were just accepting evolution.

“I'm serious Lance, emphasis on speed. Not everyone wants to stay here late.”

“Alright, I got it...”

When the conveyor belt stopped, there was another identical coffin on the conveyor. Lance was quick to open it.

“Hello miss. Do you know what time it is?”