LiveCorpse Suicide

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Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 04:25:57

At 6/16/04 04:36 PM, Andrew_Traviss wrote:


This couldn't have escalated to this point if he hadn't had a gun.

There are other ways of committing suicide than with a gun.
All those people saying "He should burn in hell" or anything along those lines, WHY are you on this fucking post? This is for memorial, not for flaming. A guy commits suicide, it is a cowardly way to die yes. But put yourself in his shoes. He was on the run from police. He had stabbed his friend, he had shot a police officer. It was either go to prison or die. And he chose the latter.

Rest in peace, Livecorpse.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 04:28:52

too bad for him, well rest in peace my friend, i hope you rest peacefully in NG heaven.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 04:31:21

RIP Livecorpse.

i was just saying another forum, the i've been that close to just ending it all, and it is a split second decision. but i remebered my family and how it would hurt them so i didn't. and thanks to them and my other half i'm still here and feeling much better.

all of you who are flaming him should sort out what's in your head. the guy has just died and he even admitted that it was a cowerdly way of doing it so give him some respect. to be quite i honest i blame his 'friend' for all this. if only he had listened.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 04:47:44

Didnt know him personally, I spoke to him over aim a few times. He was a nice guy, R.I.P. Adam you will be missed.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 04:51:19

At 6/17/04 04:25 AM, WorldOutkast wrote:
At 6/16/04 04:36 PM, Andrew_Traviss wrote:
This couldn't have escalated to this point if he hadn't had a gun.
a lot of stuff.

I concure.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 05:04:02

woah, what a sweet way to go. if youre going, at least shoot a cop first, im not trying to be funny, that is really sweet. But seriously noone should ever commit suicide, its never the right choice. I sound too much like a therapist right now. so im gonna shutup. RIP LiveCorpse

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 05:54:26

100 flashes,quite a legacy.
Think how much more he could have done.
You will always be remembered by all Newgrounds Natives.
(Creepy Silence)

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 06:03:41

Hey why did he have sleeping problems ??? Why did he have mental problems ???
RIP livecorpse...

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 06:30:20

Cant believe it... I only talked to him about 2 weeks ago....

R.I.P LivecCorpse, you were an awsome friend.....

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 06:38:38

dude he said he was crazy,like me its odd suicide amunst the mental unbalanced has reson almost 400% this year, but i guess his life can be a warning that no matter who u are or how good ur life is it can all change in an instant.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 06:40:27

At 6/16/04 09:58 PM, Roy_Salinas wrote:

1.The lyrics in the bands he listen to were not good advice, and caused him to do the opposite of good, made him think wrong, they fucked him up, practically brain washed him.
2. Adam is in hell burning right now and finding out that there is a god and devil, heaven and hell. I bet right now in hell, buring and screaming he should of changed his life around. he dis-owned god.

1. Lyrics in a band ..dats a gud one , I litsen to Death Grind and porn Grind ,.so you saying I gonna ...[QUOTE] Self Disembowle myself[Devourment]? or [quote] SMOKE Ma LUngs[GreenPiece] or [nonquote]Rape a dead 4 year old [Cannible Corpse]?

2. If adam is burning in Hell ..so will You Dumbass ...Your a fucking Christian .. all christians go to hell ...unless they priests or nuns.
If you havent noticed ... Christians Constantly brake their own commandments. I know i do.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 06:42:52

That is one of the saddest things i have ever heard. i was shocked when i read the post, makes you realise how precious life is and that a split second can change your entire life.

RIP LiveCorpse

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 06:45:20

Rip livecorpse i may dont know you personly but i wish you rest and peace *Ruud1991*

So zetta slow!

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Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 06:48:35

At 6/17/04 12:36 AM, Doomhammr wrote:

. the fact that he was legally declared insane before all this is an even bigger reason to stay away from the booze and the pot.

Booze and Pot was his the only thing that was keeping him alive ... it was his Native american friend who should have stayed off Booze and Pot ..BTW . taking pot and drinking heavily at the same time is bad .
Take it once at a time .. or if u have to drink just have a beer and smoke away ... Alcahol sucks ..it poisens your body .. Pot Rules it relaxes you....well in most cases it does.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 06:55:59

It's all just fucked up, like the girl from my school who killed herself cause she was bullied.

Just so shit the way the world is these days, people treating each other horribly or making stupid decisions or lashing out at themselves and others. It's just messed up.

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Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 06:59:49

Well, sorry for not believing Adam. You know how it is...

Rest in Piece, anyway. Sad what this world can do to us.

The worst member.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 07:07:02

At 6/17/04 02:47 AM, Black_Shade wrote:
At 6/17/04 02:41 AM, fukDCP wrote: media calling him a cop shooter like he was trash and even if he shot the cop, cop shooter is dehumanizing and no one deserves to go with a bad name
alot of cops are pigs and ass holes, so it aint that bad of dehumanizing.

so alot of ppl are pigs and assholes it does not mean we should shot them all... lets not deal in the metaphysical or abstract, yes he could have killed the cop, yes he could have just given in after stabbing that guy and the problem could have been resolved more easily, so many fucking things could have happend... the point is a sad messed up indiviual was driven to the point of suicide, maybe its a sin, maybe he had no other choice, not all sinners are bad guys, so lets try and not make a mockery of his death...
all those ppl who say RIP do that let him rest in peace and save your stupid childish, opinions to yourself

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 07:19:24

Sometimes, this justice seems so wrong.. I mean, if he wouldn't be convicted, and just forgiven because he did regret it...

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 07:27:23

Adam Fulton. I never knew him, aside from some NGTTs. But his flashes that I saw always had a latent artistic feel. However, the fact that he WAS able to get back to his aparment to write the final notes is astounding. He may have not known it at the time, being he was scared, hungry, and tired, but getting back to a crime scene after lying sleepless for days shows sheer willpower, and sadly enough, the looming threat of prison is too much for many to bear. Rest In Peace, Adam Fulton. I hope St. Peter has let you into the Pearly Gates.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 07:30:09

I can't believe I haven't heard anything about this on the news. I live in Nogales, Arizona, which is about 50-60 miles away from Tucson. And I get those news stations, I guess I just wasn't watching at the right time... RIP, buddy.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 07:36:39

Just read that entire thing, poor ol chap. I hope i never end up that way. Its a shame that so many people have died in the last couple of years

Rip LiveCorpse and every one else.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 07:50:03

I feel sad for Livecorpse taking away his own life.Seriously i never thought another one died like my favorite flash artist Clock that died in the car crash.

May Livecorpse Rest In Peace...With Spawn Watching him.

LiveCorpse Suicide

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 08:00:06

too bad it had to end that way.
Rest in Peace Adam

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 08:27:12

I didn't know him. I am not gonna say I did. I may have said hi to him in chat a long time ago.

I liked his flashes a lot. He was a great artist. I will miss seeing his work.

I know a few of his online friends. They tell me how nice and good a person he was. I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for his real life friends the most tho, and his family. This must be a hard time for them, and I am sorry for their lose.

R.I.P Adam

RWS: Your never around so it's just a waste of time to chat with u. Good riddance.

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Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 08:56:28

i never knew him. i feel sorry that it had to end this way. i admire his respect for people, he's not a coward, he just cares like he says.

Rest in peace Adam

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 09:22:47

I didn't know the guy... But R.I.P

It's sad that things had to come to this... I mean… Suicide isn’t the right answer…

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 09:24:11

finaly i saw a news report on him last night, my cus has tevo,and satilite it basacaly said "cowardly cop killers comits suicide", thay whree saying retarded shit like that i had to rewind it sevral times to see if it was the right guy and sadly it was ass holes.

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 09:27:05

That guy was seriously fucked up.

If he didn;t mean to hurt the guy, why did he poke him with a knife??

Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 09:29:35

OMG Thats Depressing I saw all the tributes not knowing what it was about and thats worse then I thought Im sure knowing what we do know that he would proberly have a good chance in court suicide was not a good Idea Rest In PieceLive Corpse

LiveCorpse Suicide

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Response to LiveCorpse Suicide 2004-06-17 09:29:40

At 6/16/04 06:11 PM, -poxpower- wrote: How about you come forward and make a list of people who piss you off instead of cowering away and just insinuating eh?

OK, the reason I didn't post such a list was because it will be a long list, but if you would like for me to post it then I will look page by page in the other topic and post a list of everyone that pissed me off for being disrespectful. Also, I jknew that just by posting what I did, I will get those who know they did something along those lines to post.

I SAID IT SHOULD BE LOCKED. And I have no shame of it. It grew to 45 pages, of people trolling ( like Evan) for IDIOTS to take the bait and "debate issues". I really wish we could have at least kept this frontpage post clean >: (

You also said some other things that I can't seem to find in the topic, I am unsure as to if you deleted it or not, seeing as another mod IMed me and asked if I knew who the mod was that had been deleting the other mod posts. If it makes me an idiot for debating with others that should have been banned in the first place, then I guess I am an idiot for caring about what people have to say about my dead friend.

The main reason I wanted that thread locked anyways, is that I think its a huge display of hypocrites. People with 10 posts mourn him for fuck's sake!

I agree on that, I really hate seeing people that never knew him saying things like "RIP Adam" or making tributes to him, but those kind of people are in this topic as well, and no one will be locking it.
I feel people as a whole should have shown respect for him in the other topic as well as for his friends.

In my opinion, Livecorpse did a bad choice, and I'm not sure he's even tried seeking the proper help for his problems.

Of that I am unsure, I know things did start looking up for him though, he had a job for a short time. He was a telemarketer, and he had to meet a quota for each month or something, saddly he got fired not long after he got the job.

At 6/16/04 06:15 PM, Dobio wrote:
You're an idiot. I for one, did not delete any of my posts, even though I agree that they weren't exactly the most pleasant

I noticed your posts were not missing, though I agree, they were not the most pleasant. I also never said you did. So you really have no need to be pissed off at my post.

At least have some class.

OK, I see I only need to have class when Tom posts a topic.
I wouldn't talk about having class if I were the guy who posted in the topic made by Livecorpses uncle saying such things as "I don't feel sorry for criminals" or "I feel he is getting a bit of fire and brim stone". You are only acting sorry for him now that Tom made a post about, further proving my point.
Also calling me an idiot sure showed me you have a lot of class.