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Looking for artists for our TCG!

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Hey there!

I'm Kajamaz, I have some skill with photoshop, webdesign, and project construction and management.

I've worked on an MMORPG called EverEmber Online, a live project right now, and I know that we can make this game possible~!

What we is someone to make art for our cards, and possibly help us improve our card layout.

I have messaged several artists, and some have offered their work!

We don't have funding yet, but once we get kickstarted, we'll pay you for your work!

The game will be called Generals, its a blend of rts in a tcg.

It'll be set between the classic time period and the renaissance.

The artwork will be serious, and I believe we can make a really good, really successful game.

I've been an avid card player my whole life, and been playing yugioh, magic the gathering, vanguard, and hearthstone competitively for two years now +

I know what these games are all missing, and I wanna make the game feel like an rts like age of empires and empire earth while at the same time it'll have the fun diverseness of a cardgame!

Message me here, or email me at if you are interested in joining the team!