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Stranian Lore 2014-05-28 13:54:19

Have you read ( What there is of) my new story, Sweet Revenge? Are you curious about it's background? Are you just plain confused? Well this is the place to be! Here I will be posting articles about the geography, myths and history of Stran (The world this is set in) with the occasional picture for you fat/dumbasses who can't be bothered to/can't read!

And if this and the book goes down well, there might be some more down the line!

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Response to Stranian Lore 2014-05-28 22:45:40

At 5/28/14 01:54 PM, alafujah wrote: Have you read ( What there is of) my new story, Sweet Revenge?

I'd be happy to read your work, I'm in the mood for a good bit of fantasy. If you're looking for some peer review or would just like to talk shop with other writers, check out WNG. We've got a quickly growing member base and big plans ahead. Plus, you can have some free editing, and who doesn't love that?

If not, just PM me because I still want to read your work and chat with you about it.

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Response to Stranian Lore 2014-05-31 06:01:10

What is Stran?

Stran is a fantasy world made by me. It consists of five kingdoms, and a series of islands. I tried to upload a map I did in paint, but NG wouldn't let me. The five countries are as follows: Avaria, the land of the empire of man and home to the Orcs. Rovar, the desert land and home to the mysterious kra'viin. Dochi, the old home of the kingdoms' namesake the Do'chi, and currently Stran's trading hub. Makan, the home of men, before they set off to the mainland (It's a large island to the east).
And finally, the stronghold of the elves, Vachi, which for a hundred years, ever since the Do'chian genocide, has had no connection to the rest of Stran.

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Response to Stranian Lore 2014-06-14 12:08:48


After reading my last post, you may be thinking you know all the races in Stran, yeah?
There are quite a few more than what I told you about. They are as follows:
Dachin - A degenerated form of the once beautiful Do'chi, they have been mutated and changed by centuries of slavery and alchemical testing
The Mo-Dak-Ra - A race of all powerful Orcs said to live deep within the mountains
Kraviin - A race of humanoid wolves, they can be some of the fiercest warriors on Stran, but choose to live a peaceful life
Va'chi - Pretty much wood elves (But they haven't been seen for 250 years (As of Sweet Revenge) so who knows what they're like now...
Do'chi - Take some buddhist monks and add high elves and that's pretty much the Do'chi. They were always more interested in 'Spiritual Pursuits` than anything else, which is why the humans took them over easily.
Men - If you don't know what this is you are retarded


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Response to Stranian Lore 2014-07-11 14:04:11


In my last post, I said that if you didn't know what a human is, you are retarded. Well, believe it or not, that wasn't entirely true. While they may be physically similar, culturally, we are quite different.
These humans are like intelligent savages (Imagine the empire building of the Romans and the bad bits of the vikings had a terrible baby) and will do anything they can to gain power. Their armies are fuelled by slaves, steel and rage. Most political and military decisions of theirs are made simply because they feel a bit threatened. They have killed entire races, laid waste to cities and murdered any who stand in their way. They have even destroyed an entire country and then rebuilt it. Who were the natives? Well, you'll find out as soon as you finish this sentence.


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