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Theme Song Request! ( Rock/pop )

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Hello everybody, I've been working hard on my upcoming series 800 Miles Out. I've been thinking about having an awesome intro like you see in nearly all anime series now days. I'm looking for a talented music producer to create an intro theme song for my series.

What I'm looking for:

A 30 second - 1 minuet song.
upbeat and energetic, punk/pop

funny incoherent singing, "bla bla bla" maybe, (staccato)
preferably female singer ( main character is female )

Ending with the lyrics: (staccato)

"no matter how much you scream and shout,
nobody will hear you 'cause you're 800 miles out"

I'm terrible at lyrics, but the title of the series is "800 Miles Out" if the song ended with that, would be awesome.

About the Show:
Anime, action/comedy. Takes place mainly on a giant space station orbiting a earth-like planet. The space station is inhabited by the poor/underclass citizens of the planet because the rich wanted cleaner air. The show follows Niri, a punky rebel type girl who is obsessed with a lame superhero named "Captain Authority". One day their school is attacked and Niri fights off the robots, Captain Authority then asks her to be one of his sidekicks.

Visuals for intro
I'm really wanting to do the intro as if the viewer was leaving the planet heading towards the orbiting station. With crazy things happening as you leave the planet/break the atmosphere. I'll be introducing the characters as well one by one in the intro much like shows do.

Inspiration videos and songs
( I really like this opening, the only thing I don't like is vocalist, too naisil-y )
( not really punk, but very energetic with lots of changes )
( awesome opening )
(singing from this, staccato) [I understand it's mostly staccato because of japanese]
( only thing with this is the ending, where they say the title of the show as the music ends, it's what I like )
( what I mean by incoherent lyrics, not really a language or anything- can fade into awesome lyrics if you're inspired )
( visuals )

added a picture of the main character for.. inspiration?

Theme Song Request! ( Rock/pop )

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