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Need Voice Actors For Flash Series

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Hello! I am an animator/writer. I am planning to create a comedic and action-packed "3 Episode Animation Series." It is a remake of an old series I removed from Newgrounds some time ago because of terrible visuals and bad voice acting, me being only 12 at the time.

Since it has been created by the mind of a 12 year old kid who was once new to flash the characters were simply smiley faces that moved around and grew arms whenever nessicary. Sound weird, but I want to keep it this silly style as it is part of this series and I couldn't imagine this series without these strange characters.

Anyway! Let's get on to what we need to bring the first episode of this wacky remake to life!
I am at least going to need:

1-3 male voice actors (If you can change your voice well then we may only need 1 or 2)
1 Female Voice Actress
EXTRA: Any willing voice actors can always play minor characters that usually receive one liners!

And that's it! I have myself a high quality, Blue Yeti mic so I too will be voice acting. The picture attached to this is a diagram of 4 main characters in the series that currently do not have voice actors. And below is a list of the characters from Most Dialogue to least.

1. Yellow
2. Blue
3. Bob
4. Old Blue

Need Voice Actors For Flash Series

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Response to Need Voice Actors For Flash Series 2013-11-06 19:49:53

Here are some useful links. Please read the rules and then make good use of the available threads.

- Newgrounds Audio Forum Rules

- Collab Forum

- Collabinator

- If you have a voice acting demo reel, put it in the Voice Actor Advertisements thread.

- If you're looking for voices for your project, check out the Voice Actors Wanted thread.

Thank-you for your attention.