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Need A Voice Actor For One Line

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Need A Voice Actor For One Line 2013-11-06 13:20:02

I need a voice actor who can deliver ONE LINE to me!
This is a FREE project, it's one line so it shouldn't matter. (JUST THINK OF IT AS GOOD PRACTICE!)

Please pick out of any of these sentences:
“I would like two of those please.”
“Excuse me buddy, I was here first.”
“That was very rude of that person.”
“Hoo-eee! Man! That was a big one!”
“Look out you Idiot, you’ll kill us both!”
Sniff, sniff... “Do you smell something funny?”
“If I had my way, I’d... I’d...”
“That has got to be the craziest idea.”
“You should’ve seen it... it was this big!”
“No, really! I’m serious... Hey, cut it out!”
“As I was just about to say...”
“It’s over this way I’m tellin’ ya!”
“That’s it... I’ve had enough. I’m outta here.”
“Then she just came outta nowhere, and BAM!”
“Gentlemen, gentlemen... there’s no cause for alarm.”
“I’m trippin’ man... just back off, o.k.?”
“There’s one sure cure for this... ME!”

once you've done it, either pm or email me @

ps. I'm not looking for any specific age, pitch, or gender... it just can't be me :(


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