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The Paper

A man looked down onto the paper, dimly lit by no source at all other than itself, it displayed lines of information and the man seemed keen on following it's instructions, as everyone was before. The paper seemed solid yet only for a moment, as when the man took his eyes off of it, the paper folded back into his hand, perfectly into the middle of his palm, with absolutely no visible effort by the man, or the paper, as if the pamphlet was made out of nothing, It was no longer illuminated within it's own mystery when it found itself within the palm.

It defied everything I ever knew about physics

It is a strange thing that we all still have a mailbox, Physical mail was supposed to be phased out years ago with e-mail, Even with all the new technology supporting it that we hold into out hand every day notifying us, vibrating and spouting out tunes from any imaginable era converted onto the digital medium, The physical mailbox still stands there, awaiting something, I have considered it a modern day statue since the post office was nationally closed a few years back, Yet someone still has the balls to throw in as much junk mail as they can into everyone's mailbox in our tiny town.

You turn a blind eye to the media surrounding all these explosions eventually, It comes the whole talk of the town when it begins across states and cities, but if nothing happens and nobody sees it happen with their own eyes the whole incidents begin to become speculation of the town and all is made to be disregarded as petty gossip at first ear.

I went out like any other day to get the usual ten pound stack of junk mail and originally expected to bring it back in and take a big morning shit like usual, It's always deeply satisfying to wipe with junk mail on a lazy sunday afternoon, Except this morning I had barely stepped out of my front door and I see my neighbor get blown to bits as soon as he opens his mailbox, It was simply loud, bright and as I closed my eyes from temporary fear made a shadowbox of his outline onto my retinas, I may closed my eyes but I already had the vision burned in as each millisecond became frames in my adrenaline boosted mind, Running through every bright flash that sent Old Man Jenkins to his grave, I only attempted to remember how it happened right at that moment, Before all the pieces fell from the sky and his blood splattered onto the road and my roof, I turned back to the house and walked inside, My eyes were still shut as the sound could be described as a gentle rain with a few big fat pieces as forrest gump would say, The vision that ran across the mind was simply a male silhouette surrounded by a flash, Even when I opened my eyes I could still see the moment Jenkins was obliterated.

It wasn't a terrible sight to have burned onto your retinas, It could have been worse I thought to myself, It wasn't twenty minutes after my morning wake up that I was on a ladder with a waterhose washing off the blood that had stained my roof a red tint, and to be honest I kind of liked that red, I was just pulling Jenkins arm out of the gutter when I noticed the police cruiser pull up.

Two young men stepped out of the cruiser, one came to my ladder just simply wanting some smalltalk bullshit, He asked me if I needed a hand when I was trying to reach for jenkin's own on my roof, while the other fellow made his way to the small crater where Jenkins poor old ass exploded And announced proudly that He was definitely dead, The first man asked me few questions about the incident before I heard the radio go off for another explosion, It was surprisingly brief of a minor investigation, I waited and watched the sun rise for a few moments more while dragging old man shit off my roof, Jenkins might have been my neighbor But I only saw him when I stepped outside and gather my mail, He would wave and that was it, I looked at his house for a moment and stared at the garage, I wondered to myself what would be in there, But the thought soon faded as I knew the government would eventually be all over Jenkins case, And it wasn't long after I finally got all his pieces back into his hole, And all the blood off my roof that I was in my usual chair watching the news, It had seemed to somehow take over almost all the channels the same few news broadcast, No more shows, No cartoons, The local channels were relaying the same news broadcast, I only gathered one useful piece of information from the entire 2 hour repeat program, That pipe bombs explosions in mailboxes had totalled over four thousand, And that it affected only federal employees, I got up and made my way out the door and opened my mailbox, Just a bunch of junk mail, Which was a great thing, Because I needed some TP bad.

It wasn't long before a new company came around to take control, or as I liked to think of it as a new government, Nothing had changed the days following the initial mail-box attacks, In fact I had not recieved mail since that day, the only bad thing is that there was only news stations broadcasts on the radio, or the tv, If it had a signal it was news, The new government was called Deshler, And in a single day everyone recieved a new mailbox across the country, Nobody seen them get put in, Nobody knew how they got there, They seemed plain, But the material was soft to the touch, There were no logos, no flags, not even wood for the base, Many people attempted to pry the boxes up but everyone always failed to do so, It was a strange object, It was just a solid box made out of some new material, The first day I did not recieve anything, Yet on the news, some states had recieved a mysterious letter, The videos shown on the news were perplexingly strange, I thought about that mailbox, How strange it was I couldn't sleep, I watched it that night, I eventually went out and started touching it, trying to figure out what it was, What it was made out of, I spent an hour tugging on it, pouring water on it, trying to dig it up, it was all useless, I was perplexed and exausted, I made my way back inside and slept in late.

When I awoke my first thoughts were about the mailbox, And something had definitely happened to the state of it. It looked like it had somehow deteriorated, I stepped outside and I found a small paper waded up inside, when I grabbed it, It felt strange, definitely soft but not very easy to describe, I took it out and looked at it, At that moment it seemed to grow larger and stretch itself out, I couldn't believe my eyes, I coudln't take my eye off of it until it was completely open, It was as light if not lighter than a feather, It was surprisingly easy to handle, and miraculously thin, I glanced for a moment at a bush behind the paper and it quickly crumbled into my palm, I looked at it in disbelief and it opened back up, This time more quickly, I repeated this until it was almost instantaneus, It somehow was learning my thoughts, Or my vision, I felt like I had chose it, Or it had chose me, For today however, The paper was entirely blank, I tried getting a pencil and marking it with no success, water would come right off and I could not bend it at all unless I wasn't looking at it. As the sky became dark so did the paper, I had no idea what would come in the mail tomorrow, But honestly I slept with that paper until I found it in my hand, crumpled up the next morning.

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I was lucky enough to have been requested to simply ride alone, A list of occupancy had been displayed from my pamplet when I awoke, With every channel talking about the damn pamphlets, I just turned it off and stared at the pamphlet on the back steps of my house, I felt like I was training it, I could glance at it and it would perk to life, But this last time it had it's first information.

LOC 34°22′28″N 96°25′21″W

The list flashed seven more times until my eyes couldn't stay open for any longer, And I let it turn into a wad and I went inside tonight the list began to glow very faintly. But It had a different message




As I looked towards the setting sun in my backyard I thought about what was going to happen to everyone, It had already seemed that this one piece of paper had changed the world, Every channel had been a battle of broadcasters fighting for top coverage of the pamphlet, But honestly, everyone had one and everyone already knew what information the broadcast expressed. It was all telling us to go to one single place called Deshler, I looked it up on maps and it looks like a small town in the middle of nowhere, But considering all this weird shit, Who knows.
I couldn't stop thinking what it could mean.
And morning came before I had second thoughts.
I was behind two vehicles when I pulled up to the merge point, With not a single vehicle behind me I felt like our envelope was going to be very small, I could see everyone looking at theire papers, some still opened slow, but they all showed the same message, In fact it was just a timer our pamphlets when to merge with the line tell us to merge yet, making their way across the hill, The timer neared 14 seconds and the first car merged with the line, along with the opposite lane at the same time, My timer was at 8 and the next went, Now it was my turn to go, I could see the line coming up from texas, nothing but a bunch of trucks and fuel tanks, I could only guess they were going to fuel us, Before I could give it any more thought my paper flashed red as I looked at it and it collapsed as I merged in and Barely made myself to 100 before the trucks were right on me.

Traffic stayed side by side the entire time, somehow I believe the papers were connected to a mainframe of sorts, People hung off the sides of the tankers as more and more people stayed on the left lane as the trucks came up the right to refuel, When my tank got low I glanced at my paper and it said just a single line,


The refueling was nothing short of amazing, watching people dangle off of tankers, But as we closed in on less than 100 miles to go, The tankers couldn't keep up anymore, They were dry, Some people began to run out of gas, And for everyone stranded, You would know if they just dropped out, Their paper would slowly float up in a white light, And the owner would always begin to turn to stone.
An entire news crew in the middle of a highway parked, and completely turned to stone, microphone still in hand. camera and boom lifted and held, Noone dared stop to taake pictures, Everyone that made it this far knew what would happen if we stalled, We stayed at 100 and didn't sway from it, That was the rule.
Their were countless rumors abound the radio about the white light and people turning into stone, I had to turn the radio off, I didn't want to think what would happen If I had ran out of gas, Or wouldn't make it to Deshler, I knew I would make it, But the rumors were unbelievable, When I get to Deshler, I hope I can make some sense of this, I look over to my paper, And it perks up and reads:


I peered out the front windor grinning at whatever strange AI controlled my paper, Maybe it had a personality, But I stopped wondering when everyone else was looking out aswell, And then I saw it, Deshler. I said to myself, this is not human.

, The result was a mysteriously well organised collection of bodies, It made sense to have the circular parking area arranged in a circle around the building, Our bodies were more space effiecient for travel than a bulky vehicle.

I was just only glancing at the pamphlet as it squished itself through the stack of junk mail I recieved only a week ago, It had very specific instructions with little details about anything, When I first recieved it It was only a mystery Yet as every day went on, the serious impact it had on not only mine, but everyone's life was apparant, This was a tool and this is a weapon, It wasn't three days after I recieved the pamphlet every channel on television was hard-wired into some type of media explosion machine for all of our papers, Only the states had recieved the message, I had not heard anything about any other countries, This definitely was not an attack from our own, I couldn't get my head straight on what it was, Are we all becoming slaves? Is this a job? We all just got mailboxes, Then they wilt like flowers and leave a piece of weak paper behind that gets stronger every time you look at it, What is this all about? And why won't this thing wipe poop off my butt? I swear it's invincible!

Everyone neared closer, There was a giant circle around the Deshler, It wound around mountains and had at least an 8 mile radius around the building, And itself was massive, The parking was nothing but rough tarmac a mile wide, some hopefulls attempted to drive into deshler regardless of what our papers told us,


For the ones who attempted to drive into Deshler, The vehicles simple died, And the inhabitants turned to stone, The circle was littered with vehicles from all directions although from my viewpoint on the line only the left and right, for the circle was massive.
I looked at my paper


So I simply began to walk, Some people began to run at first but soon fell, And I soon realized why very quickly, As I walked forward Deshler kept twisting itself, I felt as if the world was turning inside out, The square building was now wringled up, And starting to work it's way out again, This is the hardest walk of my life, And all our papers say the same thing within the Great Walk.
The United States post office had been closed years before today, And now I march my way towards Deshler, From here I could look to the clouds and see a miraculously long and spiral point making it's way into what I could only guess the beginning of the ionosphere, It seemed as if it curved over my head, But I knew it was only an optical illusion with the magnetics of the earth, I kept hearing people gossip how it was a miracle or some sort of magic trick, A few didn't believe in it at all, they refused to believe it ever existed Only a handful of days ago we had not known this even existed, I was curious how excellently tall it was, Even the strong breeze seemed completely useless against Deshler, I become entranced by it's unearthliness, I become seduced, The march becomes easy as I play with the wad that is paper in my pocket, Watching Deshler spin and unspin the closer I become. It wretches my stomach but there's nothing to vomit.

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We march by the thousands, No, The millions, We came from every direction of the country, It was surprisingly open but as I looked ahead it was beginnning to be tough to find a spot where I could still see dirt instead of countless heads bobbing slowly back and forth, At my feet there was only remnants of grass, so many footsteps had already been taken the ground beneath me I chuckled at the thought that we were being used as an experimental human lawnmower, But quickly lost the humor as I gathered some questionably angry looks. And I thought to myself how much the media had damaged the situation, But it doesn't matter now, They are all turned to stone, And I am beginning to see bodies the closer I get to Deshler, I don't know what their fate was, But I take a peek at my paper, And it reads:


Whatever Deshler is, It wants us to walk, The poor soul in front of me turned around and barely muttered "fuck this" , And there went the white light from his pocket, I only saw him drop to his knees, I didn't dare watch him turn to stone, I'm not even looking up anymore, I can see four openings in Deshler now, And people are really pouring in, The floors are countless, The building base is atleast as large as 5 city blocks, Deshler is massive, I become only yards away from Deshler and the breeze is nasty,
Some of us were careful when we entered, I didn't know what to expect so I had my paper out like a guide just like everyone else as we stepped into Deshler, What awaited us was an entire ground floor of elevators, It was definitely more wreckless here, but less nausiating than the gut wrenching sprials along the march, There was a small jingle of an elevator announcing itself as it slowly opened a few doors down and passengers created an unbelievable amount of commotion in the surrounding area, Some were pushing in, and some were pushing out It was like watching a grenade implode and create inverted destruction, Except it was a sick experiment using elevators and people. Screaming could be heard every time an elevator opened it's doors, There were always more people trying to get in and out, There were plenty of us not ready to risk becoming trampled in an elevator, So it was a game of musical chairs, The elevators were tricky, They never came with anyone in them, and they were side-by-side, You could be three down and get mobbed and dragged into one, crushed and who knows what else, soaked in everyone else's sweat reaching to push a single button amongst an endless mirage of circles attached to a six foot panel etched with an unbelievable amount of floors? Yeah, Fuck that shit, I just dug after my paper to see if it would change, I took the strange, almost fluff-ball material out of my pocket, It opened up instantaneously in a soft illuminated blue and displayed:

LOC 40°8′25″N 97°43′25″W


I noticed while I was reading my pamphlet my feet felt as if something soft had been put under them As I looked away to ponder the sensation I felt, my illuminated paper slowly dimmed and fell into my palm and the floor felt once again like hard material, It felt like I was standing on a plush carpet, Yet I could not believe what had just happened in any physically scientific way, It looked like any other concrete floor, As if an invisible layer was floating on top, That unraveled itself just as the pamphlet did, I looked around and seemed to be the only one too notice, Anyone watching their pamphlet seemed to be pacing around waiting on an elevator and seemed obviously panicked. Everyone was busy cramming themselves into the elevators regardless of anything else The pamphlet said, The people did, I wasn't entirely to excited about bunching up into an elevator like a sardine, And having to perform a task of pushing the correct button for my floor over the top of at least sixty different individuals also pushing buttons for their floor could only be comparable to reading braille with with my dick.

Unbelievably there was actually flight of stairs on the north end of the building, It was a strange thought for there only to be a single flight of stairs, And I almost began to question the reason behind stairs at all in a building so tall, I watched across the main intersection for over a minute and didn't see a single body enter. There wouldn't be anyone crowding the stairs, I thought to myself for a moment, And glanced back at my pamphlet, The information was still the same as It had said when I entered the ground floor for the first time.


It didn't have any specific instructions how to approach my final destination, And I hadn't noticed anyone even taking the stairs, So I thought to myself, Why not?, Nobody comes down the elevators...

I began my way towards the stairs, The strong gust that grew within the floor was a seriously menacing wind, yet it never had an affect on my paper, as if wind was a completely imaginary thought and our minds had been tricked since we were born, I was still at awe at this marvel, Just as I was almost driven insane along the Great Walk to Deshler, Caught up in a whirlwind of insanity brought on by the intense thoughts of one single mystery, The Paper. I was halfway across the north corridor when a elevator jingled right next to me, I didn't expect it at all yet there were people everywhere, In a sudden moment I was being crushed into the doors before they were even halfway open, I looked behind me to see who was pushing me in that short time and all I could see was a mountain of flesh, The pressure was not simply someones hands and arms it was entire bodies being crammed together, I tried to move my arms up and over the crowd and they were only inching, The door was slowly sliding open and the intense pushing of the crowd lifted my legs off of the ground, I began to panic I kicked and wriggled, One hand was free and I grabbed the nearest glob of hair I could find, The woman yelped in pain and as I brought my other arm free and began to leverage myself up out of the door grabbing for anything I could get my hands on.

It was open, The elevator made a clank and locking sound yet my legs were now free and I found myself on top of several people's heads , All moving in the same direction, I always heard sounds when they packed the elevators, But now I just happened to be lucky enough to hear them first hand, The ones who made it to the back first I could hear yelling in pain, As more packed in I heard bones breaking and more morbidly terrible screams, But they kept cramming in, everyone was determined to make the ride up to their floor, the screams drove me insane, I had to get out, I grabbed A man who was at exact arms length and I used his eyeball sockets as a handle, He was already yelling in pain as the sound of breaking bones magnified as the doors began to slowly shut, And I could feel the whole stack of people get tighter and tighter as the door squished them in, I was swimming on a pile of bodies as I kicked my way out with my hands on each side of the door and vaulted my way out, I turned around in relief and there was the kid who was playing catch with the pamphlet, his mother crammed just inside the door holding him as close as possible as the doors began to crush half of his body, His scream was horrendous to endure, Him and his mother, As it closed her hand was crushed, The elevator slowly moved upwards, and her hand followed among the track before it was ripped off from the transition of floors.

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The screams from the woman and child along with the sight stayed with my mind long after I planted myself in the middle of the corridor, swearing to myself i'll never get near one of those elevators again, I knew they were a death trap, Who knows where they were really going to lead, And I wasn't about to find out, Not now, Not later, Not never.

I made my way past the few remaining elevators on the north side, The amount of people rushing in had slowed and most of them were exausted, A man lay right beside the initial north entrance in obvious insanity holding a stone statue which could be described as no less than a serious loved one to the man, He was in shambles but I did not wait for to long, As I peered out the edge I saw countless statues lining around Deshler I could only see twenty or thirty illuminated from the corridor lights, but I knew if the sun was up there would be countless more all along to the edge of the Line , I turned to the entrance of the stairs and as I took a few steps forward it automatically opened as I only thought about just using my arm, It was a strange but almost homely feeling just as it was when I peered at my papers, I strode in and the door shut behind me.

There was absolutely no sound in the flight, except for the faint humming i could only guess was the elevators making there way through the building, They seemed terribly slow, I peered upwards and it twisted endlessly, Reminding me how my stomach did twirls during the great walk, I knew I had one hell of an insane walk ahead of me, But I would take anything over an elevator, before I proceeded I reached into my pocket and brought out my paper, It read faintly blue,


The last line had a flicker of the blue, I knew it wasn't normal, But these papers as I felt were telling me that I wouldn't have much time, And I need to move my ass right now to reach where I wanted to be, The railings were welcoming to my hand Yet more of this material just like the mailboxes, I had a long way ahead of me, I had to make four rounds of stairs before I even seen the first door, I didn't dare attempt to open it, I had no clue what to expect what would be on the other side But this wasn't my door, So I continued on, the doors became nothing more than a reminder of how many I had left, When I had reached door 100 I was already in a serious sweat, I thought for a moment if only I was in amazing shape how I could vault up the railings, But the thought quickly passed as I looked down the small gap between the stairs and my mind couldn't decide where was the bottom, I knew it twisted but I didn't expect the strange darkness at the bottom, I pulled out my paper and it flipped to life as soon as I put my eyes on it, And it read;


There was something about the last line again, the importance of the exclamation mark wouldn't stop pressuring me that something was coming to get me, The elevators whizzing up and down had slowed, And even a few seemed to be going at insane speeds, And even suddenly stopping as I passed doors among doors, The screams I heard I kept in the back of my mind as some old memory but I knew that this one elevator beside the shaft was making it's way down into the darkness, Because when it came back up, I only heard the whizzing, And clanking of stone, The darkness was coming, I passed door 300, My joints were aching and the sweat drenched my entire body, I had shed my jacket somewhere down passing 200, The cold was long made warm with the heat generated from climbing the stairs, And every time I peered down the crack the darkness slowly got closer, It was only 40 or so sets down, I didn't even dare look at my paper again, I didn't dare guess what It would tell me now, All I knew is I better haul ass, 350 passed and my ears were beggining to pop as if I was on a takeoff flight, I hadn't looked down once but I knew it was getting closer to me, My breathing was heavy and I was running out of energy my pace began to slow as i passed 395, Only a few more I kept telling myself, And then my paper began to buzz in my pocket.

It was a warning, I knew, I looked down and i could see the darkness growing faster than I could escape it, It would swallow step after step in rapid succession, I began to panic and the pain in my joints completely faded as I knew I would become a statue, I didn't want to find out if we were to remain staring where we turned, Or we simply died, But I was tired of these stairs, 402 passed, and the black was drowning out light it was hard to see each step, the burning in my legs and feet failed to send me proper information that if i was even going up or sideways, My only lifeline now way the railing, I was using all I had in my arms to pull myself around 403, I was dead tired, I could stop now and simply sleep for days, I glanced back only a second and the darkness swallowed the last 3 steps almost touching my feet, The paper was buzzing, I could not feel it anymore but I could surely hear it, It was the same metallic ring as it flew up and the owner turned to stone, I put one arm after another pulling myself up as I finally saw the numbers 404 on my door, It instantly opened as I collapsed right in front of it, It was full of nothing but pitch black nothingness just as the one following me, I drug myself across the floor and my paper shot out into my hand, It was bright white and I hung onto it like a bag full of gold, It lifted me off the ground slowly making its last inches into the doorway, The blackness failed to further enter the room as it build up closer to my dangling legs, The paper was struggling to hold me and pull me inside, I used what last energy I had to vault off the open door using the last few feet of dim light away from the darkness to propell myself inside.

The paper crumpled up in mid air into my palm and i fell with a hard thud, I didn't feel it at all, My legs and arms, My whole body was shaking and burning, I couldn't get enough oxygen, I couldn't see anything, I only had the paper I could barely feel in my hand, I glimpsed at where I thought it would be and it only opened half way, I guess it was just as wore out as I was, I put my face on the cold fuzzy floor, I lay there for a few minutes, thinking of how long I had, I didn't remeber looking up once for the last 200 sets of stairs, I had no idea how high I was, but I could feel the pressure on my ears, Breaths were difficult but not hard to manage at all, The whizzing of elevators had yet to stop, And in my last moment before I fell asleep in unimaginable pain I saw a light, It was an elevator, and when it opened a small statue missing half of its body fell out, followed by a woman with a missing arm, That could have been me, The elevator shut, shutting off all the light not before smashing the statues like nothing more than granuels of salt, in the pitch black the remainder of the pieces bounced along the entirely empty room before the faint whizzing dissapeared.

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I couldn't move an inch, my head was the only thing capable of sustaining any sort of movement, I looked over at my paper that remained in my palm, now with a blue dim illuminating an area no further than my outstretched arm to my face, I threw my eyes onto it and it opened up magnificently, A smile crept across my face as I scanned the words:


I didn't think much of the last to lines, I had barely read them when my head collapsed and so did the paper into my palm I might have awoken feeling mentally rested but as soon as the paper crumbled back into my palm and it emitted it's strong blue light I knew it was draining my own electrical current from my body and brain, I took this in welcome as my eyes shut with just a blue dim and took a well deserved second nap.

I heard fluttering when I awoke again, My paper was flapping around almost as if it was trying to wake me or it was in excitement, The elevator full of stone had made another stop here and it sat waiting, I turned back to the stairs and I could see nothing but blackness, I was still sore by all means but it was way more managable than it was, I got myself on my feet and stretched my muscles, Everything seemed to be okay as I made my way around my floor, It was now illuminated and aside from the pieces of stone amongst the floor there was absolutely nothing, there were no windows or any other exit other than the elevator and the obvious suicidal stairs, That was good because I didn't feel like taking another flight of stairs as my legs had enough time from keeping themselves from scrapping the strange floor, the paper seemed to have a mind of it's own, perhaps gained strength from my nap, Or simply exponentially time growth as this demented experiement continued on, But whatever it was, I put my eyes on my friend and it came in a flash of blue straight into my hand, It read:

LEAVE 00:02:40

I stared at the paper for a moment as it's mystical blue fluttering slowed, I took my eyes off and it crumpled up into my hand, I had no longer bothered to make sure I caught it as it fell, It knew it's place and it seemingly buzzed down in a blue luminecence straight to my palm, I walked up to the elvator as it seemed menacingly gaping with countless stone statues, I resented the thought of climbing in one of these again, But I felt more comfortable being the only one pushing a button this time, Button 4000, It had to be the top floor, This is where I thanked my fate for such a low floor number, but I was already here and I only had minutes to spare, I thought for a moment of moving some of the stone out of the way, But they were unbelievably heavy, As I grasped a man who seemed to have been stoned with a large gaping mouth was atleast four times heavier than a normal body, I used the few spread in front of the wide doors to vault myself on top of the statues, They seemed much more difficult to keep my footing let alone my ass on them, I brought out my paper and he assisted as an extra foothold until I found myself comfortable positioned between a literal stack of crushed bodies in the back, I only thought about the four-thousandth body and my blue friend made his way to the panel, pressing the one at the very top row even then this button was still almost out of arms reach on top of these statues, This was a purposeful death trap I thought, Only the extremly lucky ones ever made it to their floor, Hoping to not dip into the darkness watching the papers dissapate in thin air and their bodies turn to stone, my paper returned as the doors began to close, I took a look at it and it read:

ARRIVAL 2:14:09 FLOOR 4000

This was a pleasing site as my blue friend settled itself into my palm, imtting a strong blue light draining my energy into itself, I felt safe with my paper, My paper was my guide, my friend, my saviour, I had only just began the thoughts of why it had become so strong when the loud crunching of stone marked the final closing of the elevator, A small hizzing sound began as it made it's way upwards, something about the intensity of it led me to know that they must have all been going up at the same time, joining others along the way, as the faint sounds of crunching could be heard like a distant imaginary echo of a forest, I knew there were others, but I wouldnt yet know who, I thought about the paper as it lay in my hand making me almost immobile, Waiting for me to press on to sleep but as I had more demand to simply think it let me have, It didn't take but a few seconds to work up the theory that every paper was linked, And that each one destroyed would have its power distributed, There couldn't be more than a hundred left I finally thought, so many to end up now with so few, I was done thinking about everything, We were only passing 700 as the blue dim grew and my eyes lost sight of all light and I napped again.

I awoke to the familiar buzzing as my elevator slowly opened, By stomach felt like it was being compressed and the air felt thin, I heard numerous clanks as other elevators met on this same floor, my friend helped me out of the stone death trap as the doors began to close as I met the floor which was four-thousand. this floor was atleast five times larger than the rest, I never remembered seeing this floor among the Line, Drive, or the Great Walk, There were finally windows and halfway out the floor turned themselves into windows aswell, I began to stroll out as my paper quickly found its way into my palm, I wasn't the only person to make it after all.

There were not many of us, But we crowded around in various places, We simply had no words to give each other, For there was none to tell, Not everyones paper was as strong as mine, most still acted in the way that I had entered the bottom floors simply openning and closing by vision, a few had began to flutter as the two young boys kept tossing theres up and watched it flap downwards, Mine however seemed shy steadily in my palm, and when I looked at it, it opened in a normal fasion, nothing exciting or quick, but effiecient, It read in the usual dim blue :


I took a second to consume the information, Even though my theory was not right, It paved way to that ever paper gained power from each individual's strength given to it, I was not the only one with a powerful paper as we all looked at the papers it wasn't hard to pick out the ones that had a close strength to mine, One was a woman with slightly wavy hair, An attractive body and generous breasts, by her looks it seemed she might have taken the stairs aswell, There were only one way to go among them all, She must have gotten a generous head start I thought to myself, Her paper was shy like mine, And she looked suspicious, The next suspect was one of the small boys, His paper fluttered just like the other boys, I figured they must have been brothers or somewhat bonded thorugh the terror experienced down below, But his paper glew a much brighter hue of blue, and I just knew it had a similiar level of strength to mine, The last one was a definite loner of a man, Much older than me, He was already at the far end of the glass just waiting, his paper made small steady circles around him along with a powefully looking blue glow, as I made my way closer, As we all did he turned around towards me and I noticed almost half of his body was stone, He simply turned back around, knowing that he would be doomed, The stone was heavy on his posture, It was weighing him down, and his paper must have been slowly giving him strength to simple stay standing.

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I walked myself onto the last few panels of glass, stairing straight down from the ionosphere, You could easily see the curvature of the earth from here and i could see south america and the beginnings of the UK, There was a large storm brewing straight below, But it didn't take me long to figure out it was just the massive black cloud that turns people into stone, It was spreading fast, amongst the earth, eating everything and replacing it with stone, I had to take my eyes off, It was a destructive weapon at work, Whatever it was and I coudln't take any more of that, I leveled myself against the back glass, panels among panels away from the elevators, I counted us out and there were 12 left, few had strong papers, and even fewer were in good shape, the man next to me was not the only one who had got a taste of the black, An older woman clammered on the glass with two stone boot that reached up halfway to her knees, every step she moaned in pain as I could hear the stone crushing the bones beneath, her paper was dim as everyones, looking as if it was helping her with ever step, the paper was barely lit, and she seemed to begin to lose all of her strength in one gust, The paper turned white and I stepped away from the pane, the weight was causing the glass to crack, She looked at me with an outstretched are before the pane completely gave way, There was an immense gust of air towards her demise, she froze before she fell just a few floors below, but what more miraculous is the paper remnant of hers molded with the small square to seal to the leak, creating another smooth, and flat surface, just like all the last, I had found myself on my ass staring straight down as she thawed and began to burn on her decent to the earth, The twisting building of Deshler seemed to attract and pull her as she fell and as I squinted to see any remains all I could make out was two shiny pieces of stone bouncing off Deshler.
It wasn't moments after the incident that something nobody expected actually decended from space, It was a small black ship labled DESHLER on the side, Only from video games and space studies told me it had to have some new technology, My mind exploded with joy and fear as it landed right ontop of the elevator columns, It seemed to have the same blue illumination behind it, the same that came from our papers, My paper began buzzing but I paid it no mind , the man next to me sat down wincing in pain as i stood from excitement, I expected any sort of being exiting from the craft but it was simply another one of us, Yet he had multiple papers surrounding his face and exposed skinm The papers came off the propulsion system of the craft and as he entered the elevator, the stone bodies were tossed out over our heads and made their burning decent to the earth, the man was strong, way stronger than any of us, The boys gasped in awe as one after another stone statue was tossed into the gravity well, But Deshler kept its same strange pulls, pulling them towards it and had them smashing against its walls, The elevator finally closed and the papers flew out of the crack back into the propulsion system, I didn't let myself attempt to think of how it was working, I knew something awful was going to happen when my elevator opened back up, with this mystery man behind everything.
I suddenly felt a mass of anger for this man, I haden't had the chance to think about who or why, what would make someone kill so many innocents, I peered down onto earth and the black glob now covered half the surface, Whatever was happening I started to truely believe that I was never going to return back home.

The doors opened and the man still had numerous papers surrounding him, Yet they were green, He paced distantly among us, He was covered in complete black and a very large hood that could fit three or four heads into, he made his way to the middle and my paper started shaking violently, his green papers were lined among him with his arms stretched out, I suddenly found myself in some sort of defensive posture with my paper flapping wildly, almost as clueless as I was, the man next to me failed to even stand back up, His paper had died out, the rest of us stood there waiting for what seemed atleast a minute, And then it happened.
The man next to me yelled in pain as we all recieved a beam of green light, his paper flashed white and he was disentagrated, my paper fluttered against my incoming beam as to act like a shield, I had to concentrate on it, I knew it was draining me, I could feel myself begin to grow weaker, and I could feel the heat it created my paper was begginning to struggle, one of the boys papers flashed white and he was gone, followed by several more, I found myself on my knees and so was the girl we had outstretched arms and the man finally let off his assault, We were wasted, We collapsed among the floor as my last sight was him taking off the hood, A face half covered by stone, and a menacing laugh with unforgettable words "Your training has just begun", My eyes went shut and i felt the faint tickle of my paper taking final refuge in my palm, weak and fragile it felt now, Sleep was coming.