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Backmasking websites?

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Backmasking websites? 2013-09-10 16:27:19 Reply

I have been having trouble finding a way for backmasking lately. I can't download any programs because my computer is fairly banged up and riddled with error codes and hoops I need to jump through in order to actually get something done which is a bit of a bother when It is only one song that I am trying to work on for this particular tenchique. So I went onto the internet to try and find a website that could backmask for me, similar to converting websites that change midis to MP3s and so on and so forth. I found one, which was so painfully slow that I was half inclined to believe wasn't even working at all, and eventually found out that it wouldn't when another person voiced complaints about how it actually didn't work for them. Anyone know of an alternative to talkbackwards which can help me in this endeavor? Thank you. :D