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Free Gfx! 2013-08-17 11:15:27 Reply

Hello, Chex Here!
And today im telling you guys that I do FREE GFX!
To get free GFX you must do the following! :
1. Subscribe on youtube: Youtube Account
2. Follow me on twitch: Twitch Account
3. Add me on skype. Skype=ziChex
Thanks for reading I hope to make your GFX! :D

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Response to Free Gfx! 2013-08-17 11:43:51 Reply

At 8/17/13 11:15 AM, iChex wrote: Thanks for reading I hope to make your GFX! :D

Normally people attach screenshots of their pics to their posts so people know they're worth commissioning.

Actually, I can't see much of your work on your YouTube channel either. Just a timelapse of some text with brushes splashed over it.

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