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Yinyang Wip - Looking For Some Tips

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So I'm currently drawing this yin yang circle with a firetiger and an icedragon. The only problem is that its supposed to be a present for my friend and I am way too inexperienced to actually make something that both he and me myself would appreciate. Therefore I'd appreciate if someone could help me out with a few tips on how to do things properly.

I don't really know how to draw fire so I'd super appreciate if someone could give me a few hints on this. Also I was thinking whether its possible to shade the fire. It may sound stupid but since its light it should be possible to adjust it so that some spots are brighter than others. On top of that I'd also like to hear any suggestions concerning the tiger stripes.

As for the dragon I believe it'll be easier to do, but I'm still not too sure about the anatomy of an Asian dragon...

Any type of critique is welcomed! :D
The current progression of the picture should be bellow.

Thanks in advance!

Yinyang Wip - Looking For Some Tips